What is the Sacred Triduum anyway?

These last Forty Days of Lent were a time of preparation for the Great Three Days (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday), which is what Triduum means. These three days lead us to an empty tomb and an Octave, eight days, of celebrating Easter. The Sacred Triduum of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ is the culmination of the entire liturgical year.  But only Easter has a full octave - meant to be eight days in which we celebrate each as we do the first!  That is the unique importance of Easter for Christians.  And that octave ushers in an entire liturgical season, the Easter Season, which lasts for Fifty days until Pentecost.

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday, we celebrate the Last Supper, where Jesus gave his body and blood to his disciples and established what we today call priesthood.  But sharing in importance is the Mandatum, the mandate of service Jesus gives at the Last Supper: the washing of the feet.  Eucharist and priesthood only make sense if we have an equal sign between those sacraments and the ministry of service.  It is in lives lived in service we imitate His command that we love one another as he had loved us. At St. Josaphat the Mass of the Lord's Supper is at 7:30 pm. After Mass, the altar is stripped and the lights are turned down to mark the coming death of Jesus. With this subdued atmosphere, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament continues until 10:00 pm.

Good Friday

Good Friday, the day of the Passion of Christ and his crucifixion, is a day of quiet reflection and prayer. Confirmed Catholics, barring health issues, are required to fast from any food outside of meals and abstain from meat on Good Friday.

Please join us at 9 am for Morning Prayer, throughout the day for private prayer and the Service of the Lord's Passion, including Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion, at 7:30 pm.

Resurrection of the Lord (Easter Vigil / Easter Sunday)

Holy Saturday is a day to commemorate Jesus' death. No Masses are offered during the day in respect and mourning of Jesus' death. Please join us at 9 am for Morning Prayer and at Noon for the Blessing of the Easter Baskets.

At night after sundown, (7:30 pm at St. Josaphat) the Easter Vigil is celebrated.  At the beginning of the Mass, the ceremony of darkness and light is held, and the paschal candle is lit, followed by a procession to the altar. Everyone is then seated and a series of readings from the Scriptures are proclaimed, recalling the history of God's salvation and the story of the first Passover. The Paschal candle blesses the baptismal font and Alleluia is sung preceding the Gospel, for the first time since before Ash Wednesday. Then the RCIA candidates, who have been preparing to receive their sacraments throughout Lent, are baptized, confirmed and receive Communion for the first time, thus becoming fully initiated into the Catholic Church.

The Sacred Triduum concludes at nightfall on Easter 
Sunday, the day of Jesus' Resurrection. It is a joyful celebration for which we have been preparing all of Lent. Through denying ourselves with fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, we have grown closer to God and are ready for the coming of Jesus. Masses are held at St. Josaphat at 8 am10 am and Noon on Easter. The Lenten fast is broken, and we gather for prayer.  It is a time of rejoicing, for Jesus has risen, and we are saved! The Easter season is a time of new life for all, and through Jesus' sacrifice, we have been saved from death.
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Holy Week Schedule
Holy Thursday, April 2
Morning Prayer, 9 am
Mass of the Lord's Supper, 7:30 pm

Good Friday, April 3
9 am Morning Prayer
3 pm Church open for private prayer
7:30 pm Service of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday, April 4
9 am Morning Prayer
12 pm Blessing of the Easter Baskets
7:30 pm Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday, April 5
8 am Mass
10 am Mass, followed by the Easter Egg Hunt in the Community Park for children 5 and under
12 pm Mass