Please join us for the Josaphat Quarterly Social at Crossing, 2548 N. Southport Ave., from 5-7.

Just over a year ago, the members of the Parish Transformation Project (PTP) finalized the findings from parishioner polling. One of the main themes that came from the PTP was that parishioners, new and long-time, wanted to have a regularly scheduled event for socializing and sharing parish happenings. Parishioners also voiced a desire to participate in community giving. Taking this feedback we started the Josaphat Quarterly Social (JQS).

JQS is a regularly scheduled get together that is casual and convenient, and family friendly. We pick a new local charity to support for each event. We try to target groups that are smaller and could really use any funding we can give them.

As Catholics we are called to grow and to participate in our community. There are some really great scripture passages that encourage us to foster this community.

Romans 12:4-8
We are one body, individually members one of another.

James 2:14-17
Our faith is dead if we ignore others in need.

JQS is such a fun way to fulfill this calling, to participate and grow our community!

This August 12th will be our fourth JQS!

Here are some highlights over the last year: 

We have been mentioned by and have had attendees from the Chicago Catholic Social organization

We have raised money for Our sister parish, St Agatha's, for High Sight an academic support organization, and the Dominican Literacy Center who tutors women learning English to brighten their future through work and education. The Dominican Literacy Center even sent a letter back to us from a student using here new English writing skills voicing her gratitude.

We became the common gathering place this winter to pick up auction items from the Sweet Home Chicago event.

Crossing Tavern loves hosting our quarterly social. They have been great partners in reserving space for us and providing wonderful service.

Attendance continues to grow with each event. Have you been to a JQS yet? If you have any feedback or suggestions about JQS, please reach out to Chris Jaeger at
Rebuilding Our Home - Seeking 100% Participation

We are pleased to report that we have raised $2,058,056 for our Rebuilding Our Home Campaign through the generosity of 148 families.  This means we are more than two thirds of the way towards our goal of $3 million.  

In order to reach our goal we need 100% participation.  If you have not already done so, please consider making your pledge today.  Your pledge will make a difference. 

We are seeking your three year pledge which means committing to giving a set amount each year for the next three years e.g. a total pledge of $50,000 would mean an annual pledge of approximately $16,700 each year ($1,389/ month or $46.30/day) for three years. 

Don't forget the tax benefit of your pledge!  As an example a pledge of $50,000 equates to an after tax total pledge amount of $33,500 - $36,000 depending on your tax bracket.  The campaign gets the full amount of your pledge but you get the tax benefit, each year of your three year pledge.

With your support, we will reach our $3 million goal, but we need 100% participation.  If you haven't already discussed your pledge to Rebuilding Our Home, please consider doing so today and making your pledge in July. Let's keep the Pledge Thermometer rising and meet the $3 million goal!  

Josaphat Quarterly Social (JQS)
August 12
5- 7 pm
Crossing Tavern
2548 N. Southport Ave.

Supporting Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

All Parishioners are invited!
Join us!

Purchasing School Supplies?
Be sure to visit and select St. Josaphat Parish as your charitable organization and 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items will be donated to the parish.

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