St. Josaphat School has seen a great many students come and go, and has invariably given its alumni an incredible personal and communal support network. St. Josaphat School prepares its graduates for not only further schooling, but for the rest of their lives, in ways both professional and personal. However, the foundation that St. Josaphat School provides is perhaps most prominent when its former students are experiencing a major shift in their lives. We contacted several alumni from the graduating classes of 2008 and 2012, who have recently graduated high school and college, respectively. While these grads are all off pursuing different passions and looking forward into the uncharted territory of their futures, they have one thing in common - they are all very successful students and people. These grads shared some important lessons that their time at St. Josaphat taught them.

"The tight-knit community of St. Josaphat showed me the importance of making a close group of friends who are good people. It emphasized the importance of community, and of having good mentors in your life."
-Max Blinderman: SJS '08; Whitney Young '12; University of Michigan '16.
Majored in Economics, entering the sales field within the technology sector.

"I learned to appreciate how a great teacher teaches from experience, not just from a textbook. It also taught me how to be a loving follower of Christ."
-Max Donovan: SJS '12; Walter Payton '16; Entering University of Southern California
Planning to major in Astronautical Engineering

"St. Josaphat taught me how to value my faith during difficult and trying times, but also during the most joyous celebrations."
-Melissa Kelley: SJS '08; Whitney Young '12; Case Western Reserve University '16
Graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Nursing, entering the medical field in Denver

"A lesson that I have carried from St. Josaphat in my education is to be a hard worker in every aspect. Whether it is inside or outside the classroom, I learned to be passionate about every lesson taught by those around me."
-Eilish Quinn: SJS '12; Loyola Academy '16; Entering St. Louis University
Planning to major in Health Sciences/Pre-Med

"St. Josaphat gave me a determination to reach goals. I also learned the structure of public speaking which allowed me to be able to have good interviews and gain a job."
-Chris Flores: SJS '08; Walter Payton '12; University of Dayton '16
Majored in Criminal Justice, entering the law enforcement field

Please keep these and all St. Josaphat School alumni from the classes of 2008 and 2012 in your prayers as they prepare for the next major steps in their lives.

Committing to a Three Year Pledge
See our Parishioners' take on the Rebuilding Our Home Campaign!
As the temperatures rise outside with Summer here, so is the Rebuilding Our Home Pledge Thermometer.  During May Pledge Month, and through the generosity of 127 families, we raised pledges of over $1.9 million towards our $3 million goal.  Now we need the thermometer to go to $3 million and 100% participation from all Parishioners!!

This month we will continue opportunities for fast, easy pledging!  There will be tables at the back of church each weekend in June with Steering Committee members available to hand you a pledge card.  There will also be private areas set-up for you to complete your pledge card. 

We are seeking your three year pledge which means committing to giving a set amount each year for the next three years e.g. a total pledge of $50,000 would mean an annual pledge of approximately $16,700 each year ($1,389/ month or $46.30/day) for three years. 
Don't forget the tax benefit of your pledge!  As an example a pledge of $50,000 equates to an after tax total pledge amount of $33,500 - $36,000 depending on your tax bracket.  The campaign gets the full amount of your pledge but you get the tax benefit, each year of your three year pledge.

With your support, we will reach our $3 million goal, but we need 100% participation.  If you haven't already discussed your pledge to Rebuilding Our Home, please consider doing so today and making your pledge in June. Let's keep the temperature rising on the Pledge Thermometer and meet the $3 million goal!

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