Tonight Bishop Rojas will confirm our 8th Grade students who have been preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation for two years through religion classes, service projects and retreats. Through this time, they have learned more about the Catholic faith, examined their own beliefs and the developed the person they are growing to be.

Here is what they have to say:

Who is your confirmation saint, and why did you choose that saint?

Augustine, because he turned away from his old life for a new life.  --DarĂ­o Iantoni

Laura. I chose this saint because Laura is my mother's name, a woman who has taught me more than anyone I know. She has taught me to stand up for myself in many situations and the importance of women's rights. This is all pretty similar to St. Laura of St. Catherine of Siena who stood up for the rights of those racially discriminated. A trait I want to imitate is standing up for what's right.  --Annie O'Neill

Rocco. I chose this because he is a very important saint in my family. I hope to get the trait of never giving up from St. Rocco.  --William Frech

Catherine. I chose this because my mom, a person who I look up, to is named Katherine. Also I really admire they way St. Catherine lived her life. This name is also meaningful to my grandparents because they gave my mom this name.  --Julia Martin

Teresa, after Mother Teresa. I chose this name because my great grandmother's name was Theresa, and she was a wonderful woman who was always there for my dad when he needed help. She was very selfless, and devoted lots of time to her family. Mother Teresa was also very selfless. She devoted her entire life to helping others less fortunate than her, and she cared more about the well-being of others than material things. I hope to develop selflessness like Mother Teresa, because I want to be able to help others no matter what, even if it does not benefit me.  --Alaina McGill

Jerome. I chose this name because I like St. Jerome. One of his traits I want to follow is the way he's able to stay positive throughout everything that happens to him.  --Jeremy Peddle

Francis. He is my favorite saint and my dad went to St. Francis College. I want the trait of how he treated all others with respect, and I want to do that so I can be a truly good person and promote the goodness in others.  --John Paul Koehl

Elizabeth after Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, my grandmother, my aunt, my cousin, and many friends who I look up to. I hope to imitate her giving trait. She always gave to those who were less fortunate than her.  --Ava Kisselburg

John Paul because Pope John Paul II was an advocate for peace and youth.  --Jack Schiedemeyer

John the Baptist.  I like how John the Baptist contributed so much to the Catholic Church as he baptized Jesus and gained many followers and taught them God's Word. Jack DeMent

Julie, in honor of my mom, because she is truly a huge inspiration to me. St. Julie never gave up and continued to teach others about Jesus through all of her hard times. This saint reminded me of my mother because my mom continues to never give up even though she is juggling so many things.  --Elizabeth Nauman

Christopher.  I chose this Saint because he had a very personal relationship with Christ, and I hope to do the same. I hope to imitate the trait of being courageous and help people cross their own rivers like Christopher did. Also, I hope to help others before myself and to be the strong support while helping others.  --Grayson Mandl

Brigid of Kildare.  I wanted a female saint, and I wanted a saint that represented what I want to do with my life, which is writing.  --Elisa Hsieh

St. Thomas Aquinas, the saint of logic and reasoning.  I chose him because I admire the way we need logic to try to connect science with religion and because I appreciate logical people.  --Gabe Hsieh

Anne, because she is the patron saint of mothers and grandmothers and I am very close with these three people in my life. I hope I get the trait of selflessness because she helped all mothers even if they were sick or suffering.  --Ellie Horenkamp

Francis because he loves nature just like me. I hope to imitate how resilient he was.  --Austin Toon

Which of the gifts of the Holy Spirit do you think you need the most at this point in your life? Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Knowledge, Courage, Reverence, and/or Wonder and Awe?

Right Judgement because I'm going to encounter a lot of tough decisions as I continue to grow spiritually, but also as a person.  --Austin Toon

At this point in my life, I will be able to use the gift Wonder and Awe most because I find it very easy in this generation to doubt God. Social media has made it difficult to appreciate the love of a God in our lives, and stay more focused on materialistic things, like what clothes we wear or how cool we are.  --Ava Viti

Courage and Wonder and Awe. I feel that I understand Courage as I exhibit this in my everyday life as when I stand up for someone, etc. Wonder and Awe as I fear the Lord.   Sometimes I have doubted God but still he forgave me and loved me. --Chris Sommese

Understanding and Right Judgement.  --Gerald De Leon

I need Courage so that I can learn and grow in my academic and spiritual life as I continue my journey into high school. Some things will be scary and there will be some decisions to be made, but Courage will help me through it.  --Isabel Mundo

I need Right Judgement most at this point in my life. Choosing between right and wrong is something I am going to need to do in my life. There will be many temptations and peer pressure in my future ahead, and I will use Right Judgement to make the right decisions.  --Morgan Cain

I need Understanding the most because there are some readings I don't get the deeper meaning to until someone pushes me in the right direction.  --Ryan Reynaert

I want to have Courage and Wisdom in my life. Courage so I can stand up without fear, and not let others bring me down. Wisdom so I can tell what is right and wrong to improve my spiritual life.  --Dylan Kabance

Right Judgement is a very important thing to have in my life.  There are many points in life where you need to know the difference between right and wrong and what will lead you closer to God.  --John Driscoll

I need courage as I enter high school and meet new people.  --Andrew Rogowski

Why did you choose to be confirmed in the Catholic Faith?

I want to be a bigger part in the Catholic faith and have a bigger role in Mass.  I believe in God and I want to express that in as many ways as possible, like becoming a Eucharistic Minister.  --Aidan Frye

Because I want to grow in my faith as a follower of Jesus.  --Ava Lobaugh

I chose to be confirmed because I wanted to finally be sealed with the Holy Spirit and receive his gifts. I am looking to fulfill my responsibilities as a Catholic when I become confirmed.  --Cole Ceravolo

I chose to be confirmed in the Catholic Faith because I want to take on more responsibility in the Church. I want to have more opportunities to participate during Mass.  --Grayson Mandl

I am getting confirmed in order to further strengthen my relationship with God and to continue to develop my faith as I have within my school community throughout the past ten years.  --Hannah Bartels

All my family members have been confirmed and I would like to be a adult in the Catholic faith. Also I would like to become a Eucharistic Minister thus I would have to be confirmed.  --Jack Clisham

So i can become closer to God.  --Joey Velarde

A blessing from the bishop will be meaningful to me because I have watched my classmates, my friends, prepare for Confirmation for such a long time, and it makes me happy that I am being given the opportunity to participate in their celebration in a way. I am also excited that I get to watch them be confirmed and be accepted as adults in the eyes of the Catholic faith, because I know how much they have been anticipating this.  --Kate Haldes

I choose to be confirmed because I have a strong faith in God and because I believe in the Church's teachings and I pray every night.  --Natalia Diaz

Because I wanted to strengthen my relationship with God.  --Quin Carey

Because I believe in what's in the Catholic faith and enjoy practicing it.  --Sophia Kochanski

I want to be confirmed into the Catholic faith because I want to continue my journey with Christ.  --Steve Bryjak

I chose to be confirmed in the Catholic faith so that I could gain a deeper understanding of the faith and to have the Holy Spirit guide me throughout my life to help others grow in their faith.  --Tommy Pettinger

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