Christmas Eve is a week from today.  How can I get ready for the coming of our Savior? After all, preparing for His birth every year during Advent can only get us closer to being ready for His return in all His glory.

Instead of trying to do it all, "check all the boxes", be "bigger and better", why not commit to one thing over this next week to make your Advent more meaningful?  Don't have any ideas?  Try one of these:

Participate in the St. Josaphat Parish Advent Reconciliation Service.  This Sunday from 3 - 4 pm in the church.  Feel the mercy of the Lord without the anxiety of having forgotten the exact words of the Act of Contrition you learned.  Rather be reconciled the traditional way?  Priests are available for Reconciliation in the church from 4:15-4:45 on Saturday.

Feel a respite in the beautiful surroundings of our church while soaking in the sounds of our Adult and Children's Choirs at the St. Josaphat Parish Christmas Concert this Sunday at 5pm in the church.  Afterwards, enjoy fellowship and hospitality provided by our Boomers + Club.

Talk to your grandchildren, children, nieces, nephews about your memories of attending Christmas Mass with your family.  Pass on the faith.

Attend weekday mass:  Friday 8:15 am, Monday 8:15 am, Tuesday 8:15 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm.

Visit the Nativity Scene at the front of the church.  Imagine what it was like in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago for Mary and Joseph to welcome a baby boy like Jesus into their lives.

Donate to a Salvation Army bucket, smile at the Bellringer, and wish him/her a Merry Christmas.

Send a handwritten note to an elderly relative or friend to let them know you're thinking of them.  Better yet, drop in for a visit!

Remember how we gave $5 gift cards to the homeless during Lent these past few years?  Grab a $5 gift card next time you're in Walgreens, and give it to the first homeless person you see.  (Maybe even the Salvation Army Bellringer!)

Have a Christmas tree up?  Turn off the house lights and sit on your couch and enjoy it for 5 minutes before bedtime.  Pray for the people who grew the tree, sold you the lights, manufactured the garland, gave you the ornaments, fashioned the star, etc. 

Pray for your relatives and friends who have passed away this year.  Reach out to those close to them, since the holidays can be very difficult after a loved one dies. 

Let someone in front of you in traffic, pay for the toll of the car behind you, grab a coffee for your officemate.  

Joyfully and actively listen to a relative's story that you've already heard several times.

Light your Advent Wreath (2 purples + 1 pink until Sunday, then all 4 candles) and say a prayer.

You get the idea.

Remember, just pick one thing to do between now and Christmas, then, celebrate the Lord's birth with the St. Josaphat community!

Christmas Mass Schedule

Fourth Sunday of Advent
Saturday, December 19
Confessions 4:15 - 4:45 pm
Mass 5 pm
Sunday, December 20
Masses 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm

Christmas Eve
Thursday, December 24
Mass 5 pm
Especially for families with children
with Congregational Singing, Children's Choir, Cantor, Brass, Organ & Piano

Christmas Eve Vigil Mass
Thursday, December 24
Doors open 9 pm
Christmas Music Program 9:40 pm 
Christmas Eve Mass 10 pm
with Congregational Singing, Cantor, Violin, Adult Choir, Organ & Piano 

Christmas Day 
Friday, December 25
Masses 8 am, 10 am and 12 pm
8 am - Congregational Singing, Cantor, Brass Quartet, Organ & Piano
10 am - Congregational Singing, Cantor, Adult Choir, Brass Quartet, Organ & Piano
12 pm - Congregational Singing, Noon Ensemble, Brass Quartet, Organ & Piano

Feast of the Holy Family
Saturday, December 26
Confessions 4:15 - 4:45 pm
Mass 5 pm
Sunday, December 27
Masses 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm

Feast of Mary, Mother of God
New Year's Eve
Thursday, December 31
Mass 5 pm

New Year's Day
Friday, January 1
Mass 10 am

The Epiphany of the Lord
Saturday, January 2
Confessions 4:15 - 4:45 pm
Mass 5 pm
Sunday, January 3
Masses 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm

Reflections on the Year of Mercy
Consider writing out some of your reflections on the Year of Mercy here!
Advent Reconciliation Service
Sunday, December 20, 3 pm
Parish Christmas Concert
Sunday, December 20, 5 pm
St. Josaphat Christmas Music CD!
O Come All Ye Faithful and Have yourself a Merry Christmas! 
Buy a christmas cd after mass by the piano: $10 ($5 for each subsequent CD; cash or personal check accepted).
Christmas Tree Recycling Program
January 3 - 10, 2016
We will pick up and recycle your Christmas tree!
$20 for pick up from inside your home
$15 for curbside pickup

All proceeds benefit St. Josaphat Parish.

Sign up here (

Contact Jim Gramata:, 773.270.2474