The story of Christ's birth is one of the first  we hear as children - the suspenseful tale of our heroes, Mary and Joseph, simply trying to find a place to bring the Son of God into the world; the joyful recollection of the shepherd's sighting of the star above Bethlehem; the thrilling journey of the three kings as they came to exalt in the baby Jesus in the manger because there was no room anywhere else.  

Think to yourself for a moment - would you let a very pregnant stranger and her husband into your home? A couple who say they are from out of town and need to stay the night, a couple who is wandering in the darkness?

There seems to be a million terrifying possibilities when we consider this scenario, despite likely knowing that the question is asked in the context of the famous line, "no room at the inn." We are advocates of Mary and Joseph, the expectant parents of our Savior, and yet, were we placed in the same position, would we let them into our home? We take the side of Mary and Joseph in theory, but are we able to practice was we profess to believe?

The Advent and Christmas seasons are excellent times to reflect on what our faith truly means as we prepare for the coming of Jesus. So, we support Jesus'  parents throughout their journey, following them each step of the way, through every denial at every doorway. They are the protagonists of the story; not the innkeepers, the shepherds or the kings.  It is Mary and Joseph
with whom we empathize and want so desperately to succeed.

However, in our actual lives, it is much more challenging.

Would we be like the innkeepers in the story, offering refuge?  Are we able to walk a mile in the shoes of those less fortunate? Are we able to learn from the story of Jesus's birth? Will we help Mary and Joseph or will we turn them away?

Grace McDermott
Weekend Parish Office Staff

New Year's Mass Schedule
Feast of Mary, Mother of God
New Year's Eve
Thursday, December 31
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New Year's Day
Friday, January 1
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The Epiphany of the Lord
Saturday, January 2
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Fr. Rich, Fr. Wojciech and the St. Josaphat Parish Staff wish you a joyous Christmas season!