Last Friday was the big day!  The St. Josaphat Parish Transformation Project team members presented our Mission Narrative and Action Plans to Bishop Kane (episcopal vicar of our Vicariate*), ret_vicFr. Ken Simpson (Pastor of St. Clement's and local dean of our ret_deanDeanery**), and members of the Archdiocesan Parish Transformation Team. 

And good news, they liked it!  They thought it was one of the best they had seen!  There was a lot of joking about all the "Type-As" at St. Josaphat, but once we got past that, they indicated that the keys to implementation success are 1) having people assigned to be responsible for each action item and 2) having a council structure in place to shepherd the implementation.  And we met both those requirements.  Bishop Kane felt our plans should go a long way in meeting the needs and wants of our parishioners.

So what is our plan, and how will we make sure it happens?

In case you missed it at church, click here for our Mission Narrative and Action Plans.

We have decided to transform our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), lead by Cheryl LeeVan, into a coordination and governance body for all of the teams working on each initiative.  We expect the new PPC to function in much the same manner as the PTO;  leads will report in on progress, ask for feedback, alter plans accordingly, and communicate back to their constituents.  The PPC will manage the parish activity calendar so events are spaced appropriately.  The Secretary/Communications Lead will publish meeting minutes and work the parish communication channels. 

PPC Meetings will be on the third Mondays from 7 - 8 pm, starting in September.  YOU are welcome to attend!

The Service Team will be responsible for our Quarterly Service Projects, Sharing Parish activities, and Homeless Outreach.

The Spiritual Growth Team will be responsible for our Daily Devotional Email (Take 5 for Faith), the Annual Parish Retreat, and the Social & Learning Club.

The Fiscal Integrity Team will be responsible for increasing eGiving and researching an Alternative SeptemberFest.

The Parish Community Team will be responsible for the St. Josaphat Tots Playgroup, engaging young families, Quarterly Social Outings, New Parishioner Welcomes, and Hospitality.

Drop Cheryl a line ( if you have interest in helping in any of these initiatives!  Want to meet new people (who are really great)?  This is an easy way to do it!

So when will I see an outcome from the Parish Transformation Project?  NOW!!

You will begin to receive a Daily Devotional Email, Take Five for Faith on Friday, June 12.  Did you like our Lenten emails?  This is something similar.  Check it out:

All New Parents are invited to the Saturday, June 20, 5pm Mass and for Hospitality afterwards.  Look forward to great conversation between diaper changes!
Want to get out of the house with your baby or toddler?  The St. Josaphat Tots Playgroup starts on Wednesday, June 24 at 11am in the Lower Meeting Room!
You will see more activities start up in the fall and early 2016.  Set a goal to attend just one!  You will be glad you did!

vicariate*Vicariate --
The Archdiocese is divided into 6 geographical areas (about equal in number of parishes/institutions, but not in area), each with an Episcopal Vicar (Auxiliary Bishop) who oversees all the activities and responsibilities in that Vicariate.

deanery**Deanery --
Smaller groupings of parishes/institutions (usually 10 - 15 parishes/institutions) within each Vicariateand are overseen by a Dean (one of the local pastors) who takes on the added responsibilities of working with the Vicariate Team in his area to assist the parishes in a variety of ways, including financial planning reporting, staffing and problem-solving.

Take Five for Faith!
is coming on June 12! 
Take Five for Faith is a daily email reflection.  Click here if you'd like to receive it!

Save the Date!
Vacation Bible School
June 15 - 19, 2015
9 - 11:00 am
Register Today! (

St. Josaphat Tots Playgroup
Wednesday, June 24
11 - 12 pm
Lower Meeting Room 

We will have toys for the little ones and caffeine for you! Parents/caretakers of babies & little ones, we know you need to get out of the house.  Join us for some adult conversation and playtime for the kids!  Bring a friend!

St. Josaphat Tots Playgroup
Saturday, June 20
after 5 pm Mass

Come join us for the St. Josaphat New Parents' Group in the back of the church. We know it can be hard to get out of the house for adult interaction with little ones in tow but we are trying to make that a little bit easier! We will have wine and hors d'oeuvres to snack on and (hopefully) some conversation between diaper changes. Please feel free to invite friends whether or not they are parishioners. Looking forward to meeting you and your little ones!