This  Saturday, April 30 , 48 of our second graders will receive Jesus in Communion for the first time! The children from our parish school and religious education programs will celebrate this sacrament in two masses, at  10 am  and at  Noon . Because of the large number of First Communicants and their families and friends, this is the third year we've had two celebrations. 

We hope these quotes from our newest parishioners sharing at Jesus' table will remind you of your First Communion; and the joy we can experience every time we receive Jesus.

What's your First Communion going to be like?

I think it will be great at my First Communion because the bread and wine taste good! --Byson Murphy 

T o prepare for First Communion we practiced receiving bread and wine. I think my First Communion will be great because I get to have the body and blood of Jesus! --Olivia Leonard

I think that at my First Communion it will be like this: first we will say an opening prayer and then we will get our First Communion. --Brady Creel

The parents are going to sit down and we will walk in a line from the back to the front. --Charlie Greene

It will be really fun because I have a reading. --Colin McGill

I think it's going to be fine. --Luke DeLaTorre

I think it will be really fancy and awesome. --Ben Miller

At First Communion I think it's going to be very crowded with everyone's family there. --Emma Lucas

It will be filled with our banners and it will be very pretty. --Michael Luick

It is going to be calm and we will know what to do. --Sophie Schofield

Lots and lots of people. People waiting on us. --James Farrell

It will be really fun and I think happy for the parents. --Tatum Gramata

Fun. Because we are first to receive communion. --Chase Gauger

Talking, loud voices. then it becomes silent. --Quinn Zimmerman

I think that it is going to have the bread and the wine and a lot of families will be there. --Grace O'Neil

I think it's going to be like the retreat but all in the church. --Hamish MacGlashan

Very crowded, quiet when it begins. --Gabe Karow

Okay and good and cool. --Andrew Cusick

I think it is going to be exciting and scary at the same time. --Ben Miller

I think it's gonna be scary but fun. --Elle Moran

What excites you about your First Communion?
I am excited to eat the bread and drink the wine. -- Alissa Schneider

What I like most is getting presents. --Gunner Goodwin I am most excited to be blest by the priest. --Carin Henger 

I  am really excited! --Tallie Wolf

What excites me the most about First communion is because at school mass and Sunday mass I will get to go up and get communion with my family. I will be part of the Catholic Church. I will get to drink wine. --Lauren Steele

What excites me the most is that I get to have the body and blood of Christ for the first time. --Nathan Dement

One thing that excites me the most is that I get to come closer to God. --Sofia Frech

What excites me the most is that my grandma is going to be there because she lives in Boston. Another one is that I'm going to be able to get the bread and maybe wine. --Addison Spuhler

What excites me the most is that a lot of my family is coming, I will get to eat the blessed blood and body of Christ and after my family is going to celebrate. --Emily Stoessel

I am excited because it is so much fun! --Jeremiah Bransfield

What excites me the most about my First Communion is that I will be forgiven. --Brady Creel

I am very excited to get closer to Jesus and be able to eat and drink the body and blood of Jesus Christ. --Scarlett Toon

What excites me most is it makes me feel like a big kid. --Katherine Wiltrout

That I will be getting closer to Jesus. --Miles Morse

At regular masses I can take the bread! --Nate Vesprini

A lot of my relatives will be there to support me. --Jack Gosz

Getting the body and blood. --Eamonn O'Shaughnessy

Being at Jesus' table. --Gabe Karow

What excites me is that we are going to eat the bread and wine. --Santino Spadafore

Are you nervous for your First Communion?

I'm nervous about eating the bread and wine. --Santino Spadafore

I am nervous about eating the bread and wine because at the retreat, the bread and wine tasted a little weird. --Jimmy Snyder

I'm nervous about dropping something. --Jack Fisher

I am nervous about nothing except my communion dress. --Addison Spuhler

I'm nervous about the song. --Andrew Emerson

I am nervous about if the wine will not taste good. --Claire Lynch

Going up to the priest. --Emma Schiedemeyer

I am nervous about doing something wrong. --Brendan O'Malley

I am nervous that I will put my right hand over my left hand. --Margee Baby

I'm not nervous about anything. --Declan Burke

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