If your kids are involved in sports at St. Josaphat School, you undoubtedly know and are grateful for Mary Drill-Hermanek!

In a story familiar to any "power" volunteer, Mary began her service to St. Josaphat when she found that with a little coordination, the sports registration process could be a lot smoother for everyone involved.  So she took it over, and an inch became a mile, and 10 years later, she "has tirelessly paved the way for league sporting opportunities at SJS, so that our kids can benefit from all that athleticism and teamwork has to offer," said parent Julie Polt.  

In regards to Stewardship, we can all learn from Mary's example.  Under her leadership, our sports program grew along with our enrollment.  Ten years ago, we had 2 Boys and 2 Girls Jr. High Basketball Teams, 2 Girls Volleyball Teams, and a Boys Volleyball Team.  Presently, we have 3 Boys and 4 Girls Basketball Teams, 4 Girls Volleyball Teams, a Flag Football, a Cross Country Team and Junior and Flag Football Cheerleading Squads.  In addition, we host sports clinics and Junior Soccer and Basketball Programs for grades PK3-3rd.  90% of all students from Grades 4-8 participate in extra-curricular sports.  There are over 40 volunteer coaches in the program.
Mary is also an innovator and one of the most respected ADs in our Catholic League Conference.  She initiated a prayer for players and spectators before each game/match in our gym.  Next year, the whole league will adopt her idea.  She started volleyball for 4th graders at SJS, and the next year, the league followed.  St. Josaphat began hosting league games in 2011, which meant organizing concessions and hoards of volunteers and keeping players and spectators safe on the slippery gym floor in foul weather, a huge challenge Mary overcame!

"I know that parents trust and respect Mary," said Assistant AD Kate York.  A major reason for this is that Mary ensures fairness and good sportsmanship in our Athletic Program.  She developed the Athletics Handbook which clearly states the rules, policies and expectations for players and parents.  To help manage adherence, she developed the parent Athletics Board, and freed the Principal and AD from this task. 

"I can't tell you how many times parents of opposing teams come up to me and said they love playing at our gym. They feel welcome, warm and feel the positive energy towards all our children. Mary is such a big part of that culture," said Kate York.

"She is a tremendous and positive support to coaches and SJS parents as well! Thank You Mary!" added Julie Polt. 

Mary will be stepping down as Athletic Director at the end of the year; however, Kate York, incoming AD, will keep a sign above her desk that says WWMD, "What Would Mary Do?"  Next year will be Mary's last as an SJS parent after Frankie '10, Johnny '12 and Evelyn '16.  Of course, Mary will always be wiling to lend a hand when and wherever needed!


Coaches Needed!
Girls Volleyball & Basketball
If you are interested--even if you're not sure if you have time to commit--in coaching during the 2015-16 school year, contact Mary Hermanek, Athletic Director at drill@att.net!

Drama Club Revue!
Show Biz!
Saturday, April 25
in the Parish Gym

Tickets sold at the door: $5 Adult, $2 Students
Ages 4 and under: free

Bring the whole family for an entertaining show filled with bright lights, colorful costumes, and most importantly, the impressive talent of our junior high students. Any questions? Please contact Ms. McDermott at mmcdermott@stjosaphat.net.

Youth Group
Sunday, April 26
6 pm in the Gym
All youth 7th Grade through High School are invited!

Mothers' Day Cards
Mothers' Day Cards for enrolling living and deceased mothers in the masses offered throughout the year and on Mother's Day are available at the doors of the church.

Please fill out the intention envelope in the collection or drop it off at the rectory office. Keep the card and other envelope for your mother. If you have any questions please call the rectory (773.327.8955).

Save the Date!
Vacation Bible School
June 15 - 19, 2015

Visit or help with our school garden!
Sunday, April 26
after the 10 am mass
in the Community Park

We will be planting some spring seeds!  The garden is for all of the parish to enjoy so please take time to check it out and reap what we sow!  If you would like to get involved with the garden please email Jim Gramata at  jim@jimgramata.com