This Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, commemorating John the Baptist baptizing Jesus with the water of the River Jordan.  How many baptisms have we witnessed here at St. Josaphat at Mass, patterned after THE original baptism?  At Christ's baptism, the Holy Spirit descended upon Him; at our baptisms, the Holy Trinity is welcomed into our souls. At His baptism, Christ was proclaimed the "Beloved Son" of the Father; at our baptisms, we become the adopted children of God.  At Christ's baptism, the heavens were opened; at our baptisms, heaven is opened to us.  At His baptism Jesus prayed; after our baptisms we must pray to grow in love.

As Godparents, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of participating in a child's Christian life and education.  Even if we are not Godparents, we can all take part in the formation of the most recent members of our St. Josaphat community. It starts when we welcome our newest members warmly, when the priest or deacon presents newly baptized babies to us at Mass as in "The Lion King" and when the initiated adults are introduced to us at the Easter Vigil.

But how to we carry out this mission?  Here are a few suggestions:
  • Celebrate the anniversary of Baptism each year with a visit, call or card.  In fact, in some places (like in Fr. Wojciech's hometown of Powroznik, Poland), Catholics celebrate Baptism anniversaries instead of birthdays!
  • Ask the parents (or the baptized) whothey have chosen as the patron saint.  Send a card or email on this saint's feast day.
  • Encourage a consistent life of faith through special cards, letters or gifts which celebrate holy events such as Christmas, Easter, etc. and personal growth events such as graduation, first job, engagement, etc.  Consider gifts such as a personalized bible, spiritual book, rosary, religious jewelry, retreat opportunity, etc.
  • Participate in, or send assurance of prayer, as your Godchild receives the other sacraments, particularly First Communion and Confirmation, which complete initiation into the Church community.
  • Be supportive of your Godchild's parents in their role of the primary religious educators of their child.
  • And, most importantly for all of us, become a model of Christian living for your Godchild, through daily prayer, virtue and active participation in parish life and liturgy.
By living a Christian life in partnership with your Godchild(ren) and our St. Josaphat community, you will experience the great joy of sharing a life of faith!!
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