It's been a year since we completed the Parish Transformation Project and since then, the Parish Pastoral Council has been shepherding our Action Plans along.  We think we've made some good progress, and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and help! 

Just reach out to PPC President Cheryl Lee Van ( if you'd like to join the PPC (we meet quarterly) or one of the contacts below if you're interested in a specific Action Plan.

Goal:  Increase Service to Community

1) Quarterly Service Projects:  In the fall and winter we provided meals and volunteers for our Sharing Parish St. Agatha's monthly Community Dinners.  St. Josaphat families, students, singles, and Boomers worked alongside St. Agatha's volunteers to provide and serve dinner to anyone in the North Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side.  We will begin working more closely with our neighbor and 2012 Unity Award Winner Lincoln Park Community Shelter ( in the upcoming months.
Contact: Julie Polt (

Goal:  Better Connect Parishioners

2) New Family Engagement Plan/St. Josaphat Tots:Since last summer, Meredith O'Neil has organized a playgroup on Wednesdays at 10am in the Lower Dining Room of the Rectory.  Generous families with older kids have donated enough toys to fill a "Closet of Fun" for the little ones to play with.  Homemade goodies and coffee are always on the menu.  Parishioners and their friends are always welcome to join the group of 5-10 moms and their tots!
Contact:  Meredith O'Neil (

3) Quarterly Social Meetings/Josaphat Quarterly Social:  On the first Friday of February, May, August and November, all St. Josaphat Parishioners are invited to Crossing from 5 - 7pm to socialize.  On any given JQS, between 10 - 50 people have attended!  They have also chosen to support select charities with voluntary donations.  These have included Dominican Literacy Center, Highsight Scholarships, and St. Agatha's, our Sharing Parish.
Contact:  Chris Jaeger (

In addition:

We are updating our Parish Welcome Kit to reflect the welcoming spirit of our parish, and provide updated information. 

We are also planning to create and maintain a St. Josaphat Parish Facebook page.

Goal:  Provide More Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

4) Daily Devotional Email / Take Five for Faith:  For almost a year now, St. Josaphat Parishioners have been able to receive the  "Take Five for Faith" emails, providing for a daily time of prayer and meditation.  If you would like to sign up, CLICK HERE

5) Annual Parish Retreat:  On Sunday, March 13, Sr. Alicia Torres gave a cozy lenten retreat on mercy and forgiveness to about 12 people.  Everyone who attended the retreat was positive about the experience.  Our next challenge is to convince more parishioners to attend!  Any ideas? 
Contact:  Lou Storino (

6) Social and Learning Club:  The original intent was to create a club to provide alternative opportunities for continuing faith education.  We have modified this somewhat and currently planning a "learning session" on the beautiful artistry (including stained glass windows, paintings, etc.) in our church.
Contact:  Dan Lynch (

Goal:  Fund Church Building Structural Repair

7)  Successful Rebuilding Our Home / To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign:  So far, so good! 
Contact Chairs:  John & Julie Dreixler ( or Joe & Linda Keller (

Goal:  Improve Fiscal Integrity

8) Increase eGiving:  This item is on hold due to the Rebuilding our Home Campaign, however, the Parish Office is actively trying to resolve issues with failures of electronic donations through Give Central.  The Parish Office is also investigating the option of monthly giving envelopes (instead of weekly.)

May Pledge Month - Goal is 100% Participation

We are now in week two of May Pledge Month for our Rebuilding Our Home Campaign!  We are providing opportunities for fast, easy pledging!  There will be tables at the back of church this weekend and all the weekends in May with Steering Committee members available to hand you your pledge card.  There will also be private areas set-up for you to complete your pledge card.  In addition, every Wednesday in May the church will be opened for pledging after school dropoff.

We are proud to announce that we have hit 50% of our $3 Million goal.  With your support, we will reach our goal, but we need 100% participation.  If you haven't already discussed your pledge to Rebuilding Our Home in your own home, please consider doing so today and making your pledge during one of the easy pledge opportunities!  We look forward to getting your pledge during May Pledge Month!!

Important Upcoming Dates!

June 13 - 17 - VBS: Cave Quest

VBS: Cave Quest
Monday - Friday
June 13 - 17 2016

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Vote for Harmony, Hope & Healing
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The 2015 St. Josaphat Unity Award Winner!
HHH is one of the three finalists in the Lyric Opera's Chicago Voices program. Staff and program assistants will be working with Lyric professionals for the next 16 weeks to create an original music theater piece that tells the HHH story. The piece will be performed along with the other two winners on Saturday, September 24 at the Harris Theater.  

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