Our final Nativity Night is Tuesday, December 18th

What to do during Adoration?

Sometimes we can be intimidated to go to Adoration. It is not because we fear being with Jesus in prayer but rather we have never been taught what to do in an extended period of prayer. Is it okay to read, pray a Rosary, or reflect upon the Scriptures? Or do I have to sit there - not moving or making a sound, staring at a gold monstrance with a Host inside?

While visiting our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, we can pray in a variety of different ways.  For example:


1. Pick a Psalm and pray it
Whether you are praising, giving thanks, asking for forgiveness or seeking an answer, you'll find an appropriate psalm.

2. Recite the "Jesus Prayer"
Say "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me," repeatedly as you quiet your heart and mind.

3. Meditate using scripture
Choose a passage from the Bible. Read the words and ask God to let the passage speak to you. Pay special attention to anything that strikes you and ask God what He wishes for you to draw from that message.

4. Read the life of a saint and pray with him or her
Most holy men and women have had a great devotion to Our Lord in the Eucharist. Therese of Lisieux, Catherine of Siena, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Peter Julian Eymard, Dorothy Day, St. Teresa of Calcutta and Baroness Catherine de Hueck are just a few. Read about them and pray their prayers before the Blessed Sacrament.

5. Pour out your heart to Christ
Speak to Jesus, aware that you are in His presence, and tell Him all that comes to your mind. Listen for His response. Pray the prayer that St. Francis instructed his brothers to pray whenever they were before the Blessed Sacrament: "I adore You, O' Christ, present here and in all the churches of the world, for by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world."

6. Ask for forgiveness and intercede for others
Think of those who have hurt you and request a special blessing for them. Ask God to forgive you for all the times you have neglected or hurt someone else. Bring before the Blessed Sacrament all those who have asked you to pray for them. Ask the Lord to address their concerns.

7. Pray the rosary
Pope John Paul II reminds us, " not the enraptured gaze of Mary as she contemplated the face of the newborn Christ and cradled him in her arms that unparalleled model of love which should inspire us every time we receive Eucharistic communion?" (The Church and the Eucharist, 55) Ask Mary to join you as you gaze on Christ in the Eucharist and as you pray the Rosary.

8. Sit quietly and just "be" in the presence of God
Think of a visit to the Blessed Sacrament as coming to see your best friend. Sit quietly and enjoy being in each other's company. Instead of talking to the Lord, try listening to what He wants to tell you.

Prayer of the Week

Act of Contrition

O my God, I am sorry for my sins because I have offended you.
I know I should love you above all things. Help me to do penance, to do better, and to avoid anything that might lead me to sin.


Idea: Come to Nativity Night on Tuesday, and pray this Act of Contrition with Fr. Francis during Reconciliation.

In Need Of...

Decorating Volunteers
Help us make St. Josaphat's even more beautiful for Christmas! We are looking for volunteers to help decorate the church for the Christmas season. We will start decorating after the 12:00 mass on Sunday, December 23. See the bulletin for more information.

Liturgical Ministers
Would you like to serve as an Usher or Lector?  It's easy, and we would love to have you! Please contact the parish office for details at

Helping Hands
Our Helping Hands outreach is requesting adult sized winter gloves and hats to help keep our community's visitors warm in the upcoming colder months. 
Socks and men's white t-shirts are always appreciated.
Also - we have a special request from one of our visitors who would love to have a pair of men's winter shoes or boots, size 11.
Please consider donating your gently used or new items - you can drop them off at the rectory any time.

Important Upcoming Dates!

December 15 - Men's Spirituality

December 15 - Women's Group 

December 16 - Parish Christmas Concert at 7pm

December 18 - Nativity Nights

December 24 - Christmas Eve Nativity Mass at 4pm

December 25 - Christmas Day Masses at 9a & 11a

December 26 - Women's Group

January 1 - Feast of Mary, Mother of God, Mass at 10am

January 5 & 6 - The Epiphany of the Lord

February 23 - Unity Gala


Giving Tree
Giving Tree Reminder -- If you've taken a tag from the Giving Tree, please bring your gifts to the rectory no later than noon 
December 14th.   
Thank you for your generosity!
Nativity Nights
Our third and final 
Nativity Night is 
Tuesday, December 18th
in the church from 7-9pm.
Nativity Nights are an opportunity for you to come and spend some time with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration.  
The Eucharist will be present on the altar in the monstrance surrounded by candlelight. The lights in the church will be dimmed and there will be Advent music playing in the background. Father Francis will also be available for the sacrament of reconciliation in the church during this time.
You certainly don't have to spend the entire time in prayer - people will come and go throughout the evening. You can spend just a few minutes in prayer or as much time as you like. This is simply a time for you to be free of the hustle and bustle that can sometimes overtake the Christmas season and just spend a few minutes in quiet prayer with Jesus
Christmas Mass Times
Christmas Eve
Monday December 24th
4:00 pm
Especially for families with young children - brass quartet and children's choir will perform.

Christmas Day
Tuesday, December 25th
9:00 am & 11:00 am
Brass quartet will perform.

Feast of Mary, Mother of God
New Year's Day
Tuesday, January 1st
10:00 am

The Epiphany of the Lord
Saturday, January 5th
5:00 pm
Sunday, January 6th
8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm
Men's Spirituality
The Men's Spirituality Group meets on the first and third Saturday of each month (October - May) at 6:30am in the Red Door Meeting Room of the Rectory.  Participants use a resource to guide their discussion and prayer. 
All men of the Parish and their friends are welcome. Our next meetings are :
Saturday, December 15th
Saturday, January 5th
Women's Group
All women are welcome (all generations, millennials, single, with parish school children or not) to join. Just come to events where you have time or interest. Our mission is to offer  social/fun/community building among parish women; service opportunities;
 spirituality/reflection; and  book club discussion opportunities. Our next meetings are:
Saturday, Dec 15th 9-11a
Saturday, Dec 26th 9-11a
Unity Gala
Join us on Saturday, February 23, 7pm at Moonlight Studios for an evening of celebration at our annual parish fundraiser. This year's event will feature cocktails, appetizers, an exciting Live Auction, and dancing! 
Purchase Tickets HERE  
Questions? email:

Unity Gala Adult Events!
Are you looking for another way to help support our parish? Why not host an Adult or Family Hosted 
"Sign-Up" Party Event!
Hosted Parties are are "sign-up" events that a group of parishioners agree to host for as many people as they find appropriate for the specific activity/party. Attendees can be adults, kids or a combination of the two. The hosts cover all expenses of the party, and 100% of the funds raised by the event benefit our parish. Prices range from $20 to $100+ per person depending on the event, and the parties occur throughout the year.
Events can be as casual as a cocktail party, and as elaborate as a Progressive Dinner hosted by multiple families. It's up to you! Think Poker Night, Tequila Tasting, Derby Day, Cooking Class, Painting Party, Manicures & Martinis, Golf Lessons, Whirlyball... there should be something for everyone! If you have ideas, would like to be a host, or for more information, please email the Adult Event Hosted Party Coordinators:

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