Fr. Wojciech was born and raised in Poland in the small town of Pawroznik. He is the youngest of four children, and his entire family still lives in Poland. He grew up in a very religious, very Catholic family. In 2002, just after graduating High School, Fr. Wojciech entered the seminary in Tarnow, Poland. He felt his calling since he was a little boy; he believes this is due to his family background and great experiences in his religion classes. After finishing college with a degree in Philosophy in 2006, he came to the U.S. Upon arrival, he entered the Bishop Abramowicz Seminary Program, a program for Polish-speaking seminarians to study to become archdiocesan priests in Chicago. He studied English at UIC for one year and was accepted into Mundelein Seminary in 2007.
On May 21, 2011 Fr. Wojciech began his priestly ministry at St. Thomas of Villanova. He described his first parish like his "first love". He learned much, mostly about pastoral theology and how to run a parish. He learned how be a parish priest, how to minister to the parishioners, getting to know and love them. He is looking forward to continuing his ministry as best as he can at his second assignment: St. Josaphat.
Fr. Wojciech plans to learn much more about being a pastor from Fr. Rich. He also hopes that we parishioners accept him. Of course it goes without saying that we as the Parish of St. Josaphat will welcome him with open arms!

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