Issue 5.2
January 11, 2019
182nd Annual Dinner
At our 182nd Annual Dinner, we awarded the prestigious Marvel Cup to Joshua and Cynthia Martin. Mark Vergnano, President & CEO of The Chemours Company, was our esteemed keynote. And the rarely seen Dick DiSabatino Award was presented to Joseph DiPinto. Be sure to check out our event page for videos, photos and more!
Photos by Dick Dubroff/Final Focus Photography
The Story of Chemours
Thursday is decision day at Chemours. Every week the senior team members, leading off with CEO Mark Vergnano, gather and, one by one, drive through the choices put in front of them. Then they decide. You can count on it. If, for some reason, the team doesn’t make a decision, the members hear about it -- from the employees waiting for that decision.
Legislative Priority
This Week in Dover
This week was the opening of the 150th General Assembly. Members new and returning were sworn in on Tuesday, and in the Senate committee assignments were officially released. 

Board Member of the Year
Each year, a Board member is recognized by Chamber staff as Board Member of the Year. This year, Glen Gray of CAI was the honoree for his leadership, guidance and expertise.
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