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For our last day of service let's get outdoors
on an adventure to explore
all the outward elements we see in Lourdes
and in The Message of Lourdes!
Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
You just have to be looking . . .
Wait a minute, Not these signs, I'm talking about Biblical signs!

Behold how these signs are really all a deeper pursuit
that God wishes to work into our hearts
symbolizes humility to accept God into our lives
We learn this from Bernadette.
Young Bernadette
symbolizes purification of the soul
 In the Baths, we are reminded of our own Baptism.
symbolizes safety, security and fidelity of God
We are reminded when Jesus said "Upon this rock, I built this Church".
The Immaculate Conception Basilica was built above the Grotto rock.
symbolizes Jesus is the light of the world
Mary takes us by the hand and leads us to her son.
"Through Mary to Jesus"
One last sign, perhaps the most important sign language learned is . . .

The Sign of the Cross
As we make this prayerful gesture we express Who God is, who we are and how God unites us. With the Sign of the Cross we publicly manifest that God is LOVE and that He reveals his love through the mystery of the Cross. Read more.
You've done it! Thank you for your service. Now go explore Lourdes! Visit all the places you haven't yet been and marvel in all the beauty!
Return to the Grotto before you go back to your accommodations and pack!

"Everyday I go in spirit to the Grotto", St Bernadette
For more prayers and novenas to St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes visit here .
Get some rest, tomorrow is departure day! Job well done!