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Third day of Spiritual Journey, First day of School !

Today we attend Formation (school) to be stagiaires (trainees) taught by a formeatuer (teacher) in the Sanctuary! See how much we have already learned! You are all considered 1st year stagaires serving a stage (traineeship).

You will work under the direction of the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes, an association that has organized volunteer service for volunteers from all over the world since 1885!

Today we learn about what happened in Lourdes and from Bernadette we learn the Message of Lourdes as given to her by Our Lady, Penance, Penance, Penance, Pray for sinners!
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Be sure to click the read more links. The information provided in these links will be essential for the rest of our journey as well as learning, living, loving and sharing The Message of Lourdes!
Let's take a walk, on the Footsteps of Bernadette Tour!

" ...lend me your shoes to show me your way to holiness..."

Let's visit all the places near and dear to St. Bernadette, read more. On the walking tour in Lourdes, we are limited to how far we can walk through town. Today, we can see all the places that St. Bernadette treasures!
Family Life:The Boly Mill
"Vocation of Love" Bernadette was born into a family of love with all the
challenges and joys of normal everyday family life.
Sacramental Life: Parish Church
"A child of God", Bernadette was a Christian and then declared a saint because she fully lived the grace of her baptism.
Prayer Life: Bartrès
“Eucharistic Desire ” Bernadette’s desire for her First Holy Communion
grew as her prayer life in solitude increased.
Spiritual Life: the Cachot
“School of Humility”, where Bernadette's family lived through hard times.
Let us pray for an increase in humility: Lord—more of YOU and less of me!
Holy Life: the Grotto
“School of Prayer” Bernadette saw the Mother of God
 eighteen times in the Grotto at Lourdes.
Religious Life: the Hospice
“Living the Message of Lourdes” Bernadette prayed for her vocation. She waited to know where God called her to live a life of holiness, to best live the Message of Lourdes to sanctity in her everyday life.
Sanctifying Life: St. Gildard at Nevers
“Vocation to Holiness” First as a novice and then as a sister in the convent,
Bernadette offered her daily duties in joyful surrender as both her prayer
and her penance for poor sinners.

Eternal Life: The Happiness of the Other World
“Grotto Promise” Beautiful Saint Bernadette, help me to live my
everyday life worthy of the happiness of the Other World!
Kick back and watch the 1943 classic movie, The Song of Bernadette!

Throwback to 1943! Watch an "oldie but goody" with your family tonight! You will be able to to show off all that you have learned today!
Get some rest, tomorrow is our first day of service!
Bonne Nuit! Good Night!