Vol. X                      September 2017                     No. 9
From the Pastor
"Why did the eclipse look like it was so far away?"
                  It's September and the world is back to its normal routine here in southwest Georgia. Or at least they were , but for one day everything changed for a couple hours. On Monday, August 21 st the world seemed to stop (or slow down a little) for what some called "The Solar Eclipse of a Lifetime." Like many folks, I was all excited and ran outside with my special eclipse glasses in time to enjoy the peak of the solar eclipse at 2:40pm. Honestly, it was... under whelming. It was dark outside, but not that dark. The sun looked cool with the moon passing in front of it, but not that cool. As the peak passed I took my eclipse glasses off and said, disappointed, "Well, I guess that's it!"
My perspective changed later in the day when my kids came home from school. They were beyond excited about the eclipse. In the middle of their gushing about how amazing it was, my son said, "Why did the eclipse look like it was so far away?" I laughed and said, "Because it was far away! The sun is 93 million miles from Earth!" And that moment is when what I had witnessed really hit me. I had watched an object 93 million miles away be covered up by a tiny (in comparison to the sun) moon. A tiny little speck of dust in the universe, I had witnessed something truly amazing, something truly once in a lifetime. And as I sat there with my kids, blown away by how large the universe is, I reflected on the hugeness of God and God's power. And that led me to reflect on the most overwhelming part of our faith: the God who directs solar eclipses loved us enough to come down to our world of tiny little specks of dust in the universe and become a tiny little speck of dust like us . As John 1:14 famously says, " The Word became flesh and made his home among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth ."
On "Eclipse Day," we saw the glory of God. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus still lives with us and so we see the glory of God all the time. And by that Spirit, the world can see God's glory through us. My prayer for you-and for all of us-is that as we get back in the swing of "normal life" this Fall we never stop looking for God's glory all over the place...and never stop showing God's glory to everyone we meet. Have a great September!
Your brother in Christ,
New Sermon Series

Fall Sermon Series:
We all learned as children that life isn't fair. Sometimes our brother got a bigger scoop of ice cream, or a friend got a longer turn on the swing. As adults, maybe we feel the boss passed us over for a promotion and gave it to an underserving colleague. As we grow in Christ, we learn to love like Christ, even when life's not fair. This series focuses on three passages from Matthew's Gospel that challenge our notions about church life, forgiveness, and grace. 
Mission Disaster Match Campaign
On August 7th the Mission Committee voted to equally disburse the Challenge Money among our congregants that were affected by the tornadoes. We also voted to contribute the same amount to the "Chainsaw Gang" who spent countless hours helping those in need.
One Great Hour of Sharimg
Our total collection for the One Great Hour of Sharing was $737.03
This money goes to the Presbytery for disaster relief ministries.
Thank you for your cooperation, love and care for our mission endeavors!
May God richly bless you for your generous giving!

Wednesday Night Supper & Bible Study
Come join us for our regular Wednesday night activities. Supper will be served beginning at 5:45.p.m. and immediately following the great meal we will have a wonderful Bible study. You will be fed both physically and spiritually! A Nursery is provided as well as classes for your children and youth.

Cost of meals are:
$ 7.00 for Adults
$ 3.00 for Children 4-11
$20.00 Max for Families
Reservations must be made by completing the section at the bottom of the Attendance Registry, filling out a slip on Wednesday night or by calling the Church Office. 
Wednesday, September 6
BBQ Chicken
Salads, Bread, Dessert
Water, Tea, Coffee
Wednesday, September 13
Pork Loin
Sweet Potatoes, Turnip Greens
Cornbread, Salad, Dessert
Coffee, Tea, Water
Wednesday, September 20
Marinated Grilled Chicken
Rice, Vegetable
Salad, Bread, Dessert
Water, Tea, Coffee
Wednesday, September 27
Beef Stew w/ Carrots & Potatoes
Cornbread, Salad, Dessert
Water, Tea, Coffee

Saturday Samaritan Missions
Saturday, September 9  
Dona Miller (229)869-1461
Our next meal is on Saturday, September 9th. We would love to see YOU here helping lend a hand! We start preparing around 9:30 and start serving around 10:30. We usually finish serving by 11:30. If you've helped out before THANK YOU! And if you haven't, come on and give it at try.
Sept. 30 - 6:00
Gillionville Baptist Church
Music from Local Churches
Sponsored by the Anchorage
Tickets $10
Seely Murphy to perform a Solo
Also Performing is the
Jubilee Quartet  
Samaritan Saturday Meal
September 9th 9:30 am
         Weekly events
9:30am Choir Practice
10:00am Sunday School
11:00am Morning Worship
Weekly Events
10:00 a.m.Sunday School
11:00 a.m.Morning Worship
5:45 p.m.Supper
6:30 p.m. Children's Choir
6:30 p.m. PYF
6:45 p.m. Bible Study
10:00 a.m. Meals on Wheels
Tuesday & Friday
10:00 a.m. A Place 4 Hope

Save The Date

October 1st
Stop Hunger Now @ Covenant
October 7th & 8th
Fall Youth Overnight
1st Presbyterian - Americus
October 16th
Annual Church Picnic
Chehaw Park
October 21st
Flint River Presbytery Meeting
1st Presbyterian - Columbus
March 9th-11th, 2018
Celebration of Faith
Lake Blackshear Resort
Sanctuary Flowers
The Flower Calendar for 2017 is up in the back of the Sanctuary. If you wish to place flowers on any given Sunday, please sign up! The cost of flowers is $40 and you may drop your check in the Offering plate or mail it to the church
Table of Content
Church Staff
Rev. Joshua Bower
Financial Director
Marie Kreiser
Music Director
Marilyn McClelland
Food Service Director
Elaine Barrett

Church Sexton

Annie Bailey
Church Officers
Class of 2017
Bobbie Lowe
Kirk Rouse
Richard Stevens
  Class of 2018
Harold Boling
Tim McClelland
Kelly Thompson
Class of 2019 
 Kelly Courtney 
Shelly Cox
Larry Patrick

  Class of 2017
Debbie Freed
Michael Johnson
JD Sumner
  Class of 2018
Bret Bundies
Terri Clark
Liz Rozar
Class of 2019
Debbie Freed
Margaret Fulford
Katie Wells
Children's Church Rotation
09/03  Heidi Roe & Ginger Crocker
09/10   Kelly & Allen Thompson
09/17   Shelly & Monty Cox
09/24  Dona Miller
Meals on Wheels
First Presbyterian runs a Meals On Wheels route 5 days a week. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Deliveries begin around 10:00-10:30 and take 30 minutes to an hour. If you would like to help with this special ministry, call Harold Boling at 343-0045.
09/01 Harold Boling & Bette Seeley
09/05 Tim McClelland
09/06   Arnold & Angelyn Hammack
09/07   Roger & Cam Paulin
09/08   Debbie Freed
09/11   Rick & Elaine Barrett
09/12   Tim McClelland
09/13   Art Bello
09/14   Jud & Patti Savelle
09/15   Bette Seeley
09/18   Billy & Jen Mann
09/19   J.D. Sumner
09/20   Larry & Frances Patrick
09/21   Roger & Cam Paulin
09/22   Debbie Freed
09/25   Billy & Jen Mann
09/26   Katie Wells & Margaret
09/27   Arnold & Angelyn Hammack
09/28   Harold Boling
09/29   Bette Seeley 
Shelly Cox

Our Daily Bread
September, October, November issue of Our Daily Bread is now available from the Church office or in the window at the entrance to the Sanctuary.
Ongoing Missions
The Mission committee is continuing the projects of liquid detergent for A Place for Hope at the Salvation Army and  the box tops for Clinton Children's Home. Thank you for your interest in these  missions.
The parking lot behind the church is rented out during the week and we have several spaces allocated to us down by the elevator.  Please refrain from parking in the lot between the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays except for our designated spaces.  Please share this information with everyone in your family.
Choir Practice  
9:30 am in the Sanctuary

September Birthdays
If your birthday is not on our calendars, please contact the Church Office at 432-6289, and add your name and birth date.
09/01       Katie Wells
09/01       Scooter Courtney
09/04       Rick Barrett
09/06       Olivia Dusterdieck
09/07       Debbie Freed
09/09       Tyler Ingle
09/11       Olivia Skye Puckett
09/12       Joe Rathel
09/12       Chris Watson
09/13       Claire Bowles
09/14       Ben Lowe
09/19       Veronica Johnson
09/21       Rebecca Dusterdieck
09/21       Brooke Reagan
09/22       Evie Newton
09/24       Jerry Wessels
09/25       Kyle Guillebeau
09/26       Ronnie Rogers
09/29       Kim Bundies
09/30      Scott Johnson
Calling all children ages K4 and up!   This fall choir practice will start at 7:00 pm (immediately following the Wednesday Night Bible Study). Bring your beautiful singing voices and a friend.
Kelvin Spurlock Family
Greg Freed
Kimberly & Raymond Nelson
J. H. A.
Jean Wells
Judith Vinson
Nancy Brown
Gail Rodger's Mother
Lynn Rutland's Mother
Putt Wetherbee
Queen Brown
Gladys Wells
Jud Savelle, III
Miranda Roberts
Zach & Sarah Farris
Miriam & Josh Pollock
Kelsey Keenon
Chet Dreschal
Tyrone Miller
Zaiser Family
Mark Tyson
Family of Addie Cason
John Vann
Jody Dickinson 

Marie Kreiser will be taking over some of the administration duties and will have hours of:   Monday & Thursday 10:00am-3:00pm
Josh's normal office hours are 9:00am-12:00pm Mon.-Thur. If you need to contact Josh after office hours, his cell number is (229) 376-0471 or Josh@1stpresalbany.org
The Church Office will be closed Monday, Sept. 4 For Labor Day
First Presbyterian Church
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