April 2018 Newsletter
In this issue:
  • Thanks to our Star Reviewers!
  • 80th Year Celebration: Articles from Nobel Prize Winners
  • Over 10,000 Follow Our Social Media
  • Erlanger Lecture at Experimental Biology 2018
  • Visit us at the Society for the Neural Control of Movement Meeting
  • Sponsorship of International Motoneuron Society Meeting
  • NeuroForum: Let Us Improve your Course
  • Featured Collection: Decision Making--Neural Mechanisms
  • Reader Survey--Help Us Improve!
  • Calls for Papers
Thanks to Our Star Reviewers!
Three of our best reviewers will be recognized at the 2018 Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego. We thank these reviewers for their extensive contributions to the Journal:

  • Zaghloul Ahmed
  • Matthieu Boisgontier
  • Vaughan Macefield
Celebrating Our 80th Year: Articles from Nobel Laureates
Inaugurated in 1938, Journal of Neurophysiology is celebrating its 80th birthday. Each month in 2018, we will highlight some of our achievements.

Fifteen recipients of the Nobel Medicine Prize have published a total of 122 articles in our Journal. Few journals can boast that they attracted so many articles from the most heralded scientists!
Over 10,000 Follow Our Social Media
Our Social Media following has expanded in recent months, and we have over 10,000 followers on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We highlight all articles that we publish via social media, and on request through a podcast. This promotion assures that the Journal's content is widely appreciated by scientists, science journalists, and the public. Few neuroscience journals promote articles as extensively as we do!
Attend the Erlanger Lecture at Experimental Biology 2018
Each year, a top neuroscientist is selected to give the Joseph Erlanger Distinguished Lecture at the Experimental Biology meeting.

This year's lecture is by Wolfram Schultz of the University of Cambridge, winner of the 2017 Brain Prize. Dr. Schultz has been a long-standing member of our editorial board, and has published extensively in Journal of Neurophysiology.

Dr. Schultz's lecture "Getting the Best Reward: Neuronal Mechanisms for Utility Maximisation" will be held on Monday, April 23 at 3:30 PM in Room 26AB of the San Diego Convention Center.
Visit Us at the Society for the Neural Control of Movement Meeting
Journal of Neurophysiology is sponsoring the 2018 Society for the Neural Control of Movement Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you are attending the meeting, please stop by our exhibit to meet the editor, and learn why Journal of Neurophysiology is an ideal venue to promote your work!

We will also publish the proceedings of the meeting via our Neural Control of Movement Meeting Call for Papers.
Journal of Neurophysiology Sponsors the Biennial Meeting of the International Motoneuron Society 
Journal of Neurophysiology will publish manuscripts related to the upcoming biennial meeting of the International Motoneuron Society, to be held June 11-14, 2018 on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Watch for a Call for Papers related to the meeting in July.
We can also partner with you to promote your meeting and publish its proceedings through a Call for Papers. Contact the Editor if you are interested in learning more!
NeuroForum: Let Us Improve Your Course
NeuroForum is our venue for trainees to publish short "journal club" reviews of recent articles, or mini reviews of hot topics. Often, a NeuroForum submission is the first opportunity for a trainee to independently compose an article, submit it, and respond to peer review feedback.

NeuroForum articles undergo peer review like regular research articles, and we also promote published articles through podcasts and Social Media.

We can also work with instructors who want to include NeuroForum as a component of their course. Contact the Editor if you would like to learn more!
Highlighted Collection:
Decision Making--Neural Mechanisms
Our Collection on the Neurobiology of Decision Making contains 28 articles, including five reviews. As with all of our virtual journal issues, submissions to this Collection were solicited through a Call for Manuscripts. Our Collections are definitive sources of information on highlighted topics.
Reader Survey
Managed by a dedicated staff, Journal of Neurophysiology provides personalized service to authors, and constantly implements changes that benefit the neuroscience community. Please complete our survey to help us improve.

Calls for Papers
Our Calls for Papers are used to solicit articles for our virtual journal issues, or Collections.

You are encouraged to submit a proposal for a Call, including one related to a meeting you are hosting. We can also promote your meeting through our newsletter and social media.