Disagree With an Article?   Write a Letter
Airing of scientific differences can often lead to new insights.  We publish Letters to the Editor to allow readers to provide commentary on our articles, as well as insights on general topics in neuroscience. Letters are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief, and if warranted the authors of the target article are provided an opportunity to respond.  
Coming Soon: New Steps to Increase Rigor and Reproducibility
There are growing concerns about the reproducibility of experiments, and like all prestigious journals, we are contemplating new measures to improve the reliability of the work we publish. As a first step, we will encourage more thorough reporting of methodology.  We are also requesting that authors include validation of key reagents they use.  Stay tuned as we implement new policies related to reproducibility.
Two Years In: Our Continuing Evolution
A new editorial team joined the Journal two years ago.  Since then, submissions have increased as a number of new initiatives were introduced.

All of the changes implemented over the past two years are highlighted on this webpage, and discussed in this Podcast.
Meet the Editors: Christos Constantinidis
Christos Constantinidis is a Professor of Neurobiology & Anatomy at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. His research investigates the neural basis of cognitive functions such as visual working memory and spatial attention, using non-human primate models. Christos contributes editorial expertise on higher neural functions, neural circuits, and visual processing.
Publication of Review Manuscripts on the Rise
We are publishing more and more review articles, including 18 so far in 2016.  Those articles are listed below, and a Collection of Recent Reviews is on our website.  Note: the topic of a review must be approved by the Editor-in-Chief prior to composition and submission of the article.
# Reads by Aug 11*
Viral vector-based tools advance knowledge of basal ganglia anatomy and physiology
Specific imbalance of excitatory/inhibitory signaling establishes seizure onset pattern in temporal lobe epilepsy
Respiratory and autonomic dysfunction in congenital central hypoventilation syndrome
White matter and cognition: making the connection
Just Published
Analysis of haptic information in the cerebral cortex Just Published
Cognitive dysfunction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: a possible role for neuromodulatory immune molecules
Just Published
'Real-time' imaging of cortical and subcortical sites of cardiovascular control: concurrent recordings of sympathetic nerve activity and fMRI in awake subjects
Just Published
Mechanisms of spreading depolarization in vertebrate and insect central nervous systems
Just Published
Neural mechanisms of selective attention in the somatosensory system
Just Published
Active sensing without efference copy: referent control of perception
Just Published
 Current advances in invertebrate vision: insights from patch-clamp studies of photoreceptors in apposition eyes
Just Published
Neural and neurochemical basis of reinforcement-guided decision making
Neuronal responses to tactile stimuli and tactile sensations evoked by microstimulation in the human thalamic principal somatic sensory nucleus (ventral caudal)
Hypothesis: Hughlings Jackson and presynaptic inhibition-are we missing the big picture?
Voltage imaging to understand connections and functions of neuronal circuits
Strategies for targeting primate neural circuits with viral vectors
Using fMRI to study reward processing in humans: past, present, and future
* To determine the number of times an article has been accessed, open the article and clock on the "info" tab.
Display Your Art on Our Cover
The artwork on our cover is chosen from author submissions.   Selected cover art is included in the print version of the Journal , on our website , and in our Cover Art Collection
Next time we accept one of your papers, consider sending us cover art to help memorialize your article. 
Calls for Papers

Submit Soon!  These Calls for Papers will close on January 1, 2017:
  • Spinal Control of Motor Outputs
  • Building Neural Circuits: Wiring and Experience
  • Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces
Three New Calls will close on July 1, 2017:
  • Central Pattern Generators
  • The Mouse Visual System
  • Where Are You Going? The Neurobiology of Navigation
Submit your manuscript for these Calls soon, to ensure they are included in a virtual journal issue ("Collection") related to each Call.