New YouTube Video Highlighting Our Collections
We added a new video to our YouTube Channel to highlight our article collection on the Neural Mechanisms of Decision Making.   

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We gladly work with authors in promoting their articles published in the Journal of Neurophysiology.   If you would like to produce a Podcast or YouTube video about your article, please contact us.   We can also add a link in our postings to your institutional or personal social media accounts.   Our goal is to provide personalized service to authors, and to assure that their articles reach a maximal audience.  Just let us know how we can help in promoting your article.
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We gladly accept proposals from our readers for Calls for Manuscripts. We are also willing to provide limited financial support for a symposium or meeting that is coupled with a Call, if promotion for the Journal of Neurophysiology is incorporated, and the symposium speakers agree to submit a review or data manuscript to Journal of Neurophysiology.


Our Author Fees: a Publishing Bargain
There are high costs associated with the editorial processing, copyediting, and  publication of an article.   Unlike large commercial publishers, small nonprofit societies like the American Physiological Society (APS) cannot recover these costs entirely through library subscriptions.   This is why we levy page charges ($85/printed page) for research articles.   However, we offer many services that commercial publishers don't, such that publication in Journal of Neurophysiology is a true bargain.   Here are some benefits:
  1. Articles are open-access a year after publication.
  2. For NIH-funded studies, the final copyedited version of the article is deposited in Pubmed Central (not the author version).
  3. Authors receive personalized service from a dedicated staff, including the Editor-in-Chief.
  4. Published articles are promoted through a variety of mechanisms, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, PodcastsYouTube), press releasesAPSselect, and the Journal website.
  5. Members of the American Physiological Society are not charged for color figures, and receive a complimentary subscription to the Journal of Neurophysiology and other APS journals.
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There are many benefits of membership in the American Physiological Society (APS), including the availability of awards for you and your trainees, complimentary access to APS Journals online, elimination of color production fees for articles, and many other services.   Renew your membership for 2017!

Please note: to receive free color production in articles, you must be an APS member at the time your article is accepted (pending membership is not sufficient).  

Beverly Petterson Bishop Award for Excellence in Neuroscience
DeadlineJanuary 6, 2017
The Beverly Petterson Bishop Award recognizes excellence in neuroscience research. The annual award is given to an investigator who holds an academic rank no higher than assistant professor, based on their program in neuroscience research. Recipients receive a $20,000 award designated for use in their research program and complimentary registration to the Experimental Biology meeting. Applications are accepted from APS members in good standing.
Calls for Papers

Submit Soon!  These Calls for Papers will close on January 1, 2017:
  • Spinal Control of Motor Outputs
  • Building Neural Circuits: Wiring and Experience
  • Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces
Three New Calls will close on July 1, 2017:
  • Central Pattern Generators
  • The Mouse Visual System
  • Where Are You Going? The Neurobiology of Navigation
Submit your manuscript for these Calls soon, to ensure they are included in a virtual journal issue ("Collection") related to each Call.