New Online Platform Arrives in 2018
The Journal of Neurophysiology will transition to a new hosting platform by January 2018. This move will provide the online Journal with many exciting features, including streaming audio/video embedded in the article, enhanced article statistics, and better scaling of articles for tablets and small screens. The new platform will provide an enhanced experience for readers and authors.

Journal Performance in 2016, Continued
In our January newsletter, we provided information about article submissions and editorial decision times in 2016.  This month, we are highlighting readership of the Journal.  In 2016, Journal of Neurophysiology articles were accessed 5,680,584 times, either in PDF or HTML format. That is one access every 6 seconds, and represents a 39% increase in readership from 2015!  Papers submitted for Calls are particularly well read, with 1097 accesses per article.

New Video and Audio Podcasts
On request of an author, we publicize their article through a video or audio podcast.   If you would like your accepted article promoted through a podcast, contact the editor.

Watch or listen to our recent podcasts published in February:
Video Thermoregulation and Thermal Sensitivity
Audio Caveolin-1 Regulates Gene Associated with Schizophrenia
Audio Thermoregulation and Thermal Sensitivity in Humans
Review Articles in 2017
The Journal of Neurophysiology continues to publish several review articles each month.  These articles are archived in our Review Article Collection.  Note that review articles must be commissioned by the editor prior to submission.

Read these review articles published in the last three months:
Eichenbaum The role of the hippocampus in navigation is memory
Filingeri & Ackerley The biology of skin wetness perception and its implications in manual function and for reproducing complex somatosensory signals in neuroprosthetics
Shadmehr Distinct neural circuits for control of movement vs. holding still
Mirabella & Lebedev Interfacing to the brain's motor decisions
Rao, Mayo & Sommer Circuits for presaccadic visual remapping
Stiefel & Ermentrout Neurons as oscillators
Lewis Vestibular implants studied in animal models: clinical and scientific implications
Golovin & Broadie Developmental experience-dependent plasticity in the first synapse of the Drosophila olfactory circuit
Burrell Comparative biology of pain: What invertebrates can tell us about how nociception works
Progress in Motor Control XI
We are proud to promote the Progress in Motor Control (PMC) Conference and the satellite meeting Spinal Cord Injury: From Mechanisms to Treatments. A Call for Manuscripts will be forthcoming related to this meeting.

Welcome to Our New Journal Manager
Our long-standing production manager, Maria Pasho, recently moved to a new position. We thank Maria for her long service to the Journal, and send our best wishes in her new endeavors.

The new manager of the Journal of Neurophysiology is Ellyn Kestnbaum. Ellyn will contact authors regarding proofs, and is in charge of producing the final, polished print and online versions of the Journal. Ellyn is the point of contact for authors after their article has been accepted. Ellyn has managed two other journals published by the American Physiological Society, and we enthusiastically welcome her to the Journal of Neurophysiology team.
Staff Spotlight: Audra Cox
Audra E. Cox, PhD, ELS, received her degree in Molecular Virology from Baylor College of Medicine. She chose a career in scientific editing and obtained certification from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS). She has worked in publishing since 2004, spending more than 10 years editing and managing pathology titles. Now at the American Physiological Society, Dr. Cox's role as Publications Manager, Editorial and Production, has recently involved implementing new production workflows and copyediting tools.
Calls for Papers

Submit Soon!  These Calls for Papers will close on July 1, 2017:
  • Central Pattern Generators
  • The Mouse Visual System
  • Where Are You Going? The Neurobiology of Navigation
Three New Calls will close on January 1, 2018:
  • Working Memory: Neural Mechanisms
  • 50 Years of Microneurography: Insights into Neural Mechanisms in Humans
  • Control of Coordinated Movements
Submit your manuscript for these Calls soon, to ensure they are included in a virtual journal issue ("Collection") related to each Call.