Another New Editor Joins Our Team
The Journal of Neurophysiology welcomes another new associate editor, Matthew Tresch from Northwestern University.
Matthew Tresch's laboratory studies the neural control of movement, focusing on the role of spinal circuitry. He has expertise using a variety of research methods, including behavioral, biomechanical, and neurophysiological techniques. His lab is currrently examining the biomechanics of joints, and is also developing neuroprostheses for restoring functional movements following spinal cord injury.
Video Promoting New Features
We just released a new YouTube video that discusses our recent efforts to make the Journal of Neurophysiology an optimal venue to publish neuroscience research.

New Review Articles
The Journal of Neurophysiology is publishing an increasing number of review manuscripts. We can even help draw the artwork for review articles. Note that the topic of the article must be approved by the editor-in-chief prior to composition and submission; uncommissioned articles will not be considered.

All reviews published by the Journal of Neurophysiology can be accessed in our Reviews Collection.
We published the following review articles thus far in 2018:
New Podcasts
At the request of the authors, we will produce a podcast for any article that we accept.  We do all the work, and the authors just need to participate in a panel discussion about the paper conducted via Skype.  Podcasts are linked to the target article, listed on the Journal's home page, and included in our podcast archives and listing of articles with podcasts.
Listen to our recent podcasts:
Most Read Recent Papers
Our new online platform tracks a variety of metrics regarding papers, including discussion on social media and the number of online reads and downloads.

The following are the most read papers we published in the past year:
Most Discussed Recent Papers
Since we promote every article that we publish, it is no wonder that many of these articles become widely discussed in social media.  Authors can customize the promotion of their article through completion of a social media request form, which is linked to every acceptance letter.

The following recent articles were discussed the most through social media venues:
Reviewer Nominee Form
We often get requests from junior scientists to be added to our pool of reviewers.  To streamline the process, we recently introduced a reviewer nomination form.  Complete this form if you are not a regular reviewer for the Journal and would like to be added to our database.
Society for the Neural Control of Movement:
2018 Meeting
Journal of Neurophysiology is a sponsor of the 2018 Society for the Neural Control of Movement meeting in Santa Fe, NM.   One of our current calls for manuscripts is related to this meeting.

Poster abstract submissions for the meeting are due on February 26, 2018.

Read more about the Diversity Program and Fellowship Initiatives for the 2018 NCM Meeting.
Need Help: Who to Contact
Unlike most journals, a dedicated staff of professionals is solely devoted to the production of the Journal of Neurophysiology. The  Journal's editors and dedicated staff members are eager to provide personalized service to our authors.