Happy New Year to our readers!

In this newsletter, we discuss the Journal's performance in 2015, our enhanced commitment to fair, rapid and thorough peer review, and new initiatives planned for 2016.

Authors are reminded that the following changes in author fees occurred effective January 1:
  • The $50 manuscript submission fee was eliminated.  Peer review of manuscripts will be conducted at no charge to authors!
  • Color reproduction fees were reduced from $400 to $200 per figure; color is free if the first or last author is an American Physiological Society member.   Join today!
  • Page charges increased from $75 to $85 per printed page.
As always, our authors and readers are welcome to provide feedback about the Journal's performance via email or anonymously through this survey form.

Bill Yates, Editor-in-Chief
Submissions Increase 17% in 2015; Up 41% from 2013
Submissions to the Journal of Neurophysiology increased again in 2015, with 1103 total submissions, as compared to 941 in 2014 and 785 in 2013.  We are pleased that an increasing number of authors are sending us their best work!

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High Readership in 2015: Article Access > 3.7 Million
Articles published in the Journal of Neurophysiology were extensively read in 2015. Through November, HTML versions of articles were accessed 2,629,692 times, and there were 1,075,414 PDF downloads.  

The 10 Most Accessed Articles (from all years) in 2015

The Most Accessed Articles Published in 2015
New Initiative:  You can now determine access statistics for any manuscript published in the  Journal .  

Manuscript Processing Times Decrease in 2015
We have made a deliberate attempt to reduce review times. Times from submission to first decision have dropped to 22 days.    With our continuous publication initiative, manuscripts are usually included in a journal issue within two months of acceptance.

Rapid publication: another advantage of submitting your manuscript to the Journal of Neurophysiology.
Our Social Media Draws Attention in 2015
We began to promote Journal content via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in late 2014.  In the past year, our social media has attracted over 1700 followers.  We work with authors who are interested in social media to promote their articles.

Our Renewed Focus on High-Quality Peer Review
We continually strive to improve the peer review of manuscripts submitted to the Journal, with the goal of providing rapid, thorough, and fair feedback to authors.

However, the realities of modern academic life challenge our meeting this objective. It is often necessary to send many invitations to find reviewers for a paper, as the most appropriate reviewers are unavailable. Reviews are frequently discordant, such that editors are forced to balance differing opinions about a manuscript.

Despite these challenges, we have a renewed commitment to treating every manuscript fairly, and have an appeal process for authors who are not satisfied with an editorial decision.

New Calls for Manuscripts Announced
Three new  Calls for Manuscripts were announced on January 1:
  • Spinal Control of Motor Outputs
  • Building Neural Circuits: Wiring and Experience
  • Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces
Manuscripts accepted for Calls are included in a Collection associated with the Call.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your manuscript included in one of these virtual journal issues.