Journal Performance in 2017
Submissions were robust in 2017, with 909 total papers received. However, the distribution of submissions differed from previous years. We are receiving more review articles, as well as recently-introduced manuscript types including Case Studies in Neuroscience and Rapid Reports

Acceptance Rate: 53%
Median Days from Receipt to First Decision: 22
Three New Editors Join Our Team
The Journal of Neurophysiology welcomes three new associate editors:
Mark Latash is Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Motor Control Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on human motor control, particularly motor coordination during standing, stepping, reaching, and multi-digit tasks, as well as the effects of aging, atypical development, practice, and neurological disorders on movement. Mark's expertise will be helpful in evaluating our increasing portfolio of articles in human motor control.
Giandomenico Iannetti is Professor of Neuroscience at University College London, and also resident at the Paris Institute of Advanced Studies. He is the recipient of several international awards, including the 2012 Patrick Wall Award from the International Association for the Study of Pain, the 2013 Wall Medal from the British Pain Society, and the 2014 Camillo Golgi Prize of the Accademia dei Lincei. His research focuses on pain, defensive behaviors, and peripersonal space, and he will provide expertise in these areas to the editorial team.
Ying-Shing (YS) Chan is Dexter H C Man Family Professor in Medical Science and Associate Dean at the University of Hong Kong. His research expertise is in synaptic plasticity, as well as the vestibular system. In addition to providing expertise in these areas, YS will advocate for the Journal in the Chinese neuroscience community.
Most Shared Articles of 2017
Many articles that we publish are shared extensively via social media. This is not surprising, as we extensively publicize all papers, and allow authors to suggest promotion strategies. Our new website makes the online discussion of articles transparent to authors and readers, just by clicking on the Information Tab on the article page.
Most Shared Articles in 2017
Write a Review; We'll Help with the Artwork
Review manuscripts are becoming an important part of our portfolio. Our artists can even help compose artwork for the article!

Note that all review articles must be commissioned prior to submission.   Contact us if you are interested in submitting a review.

Several criteria are evaluated before commissioning a review article, including the seniority of the authors, the novelty of the topic, and whether the article will provide unique and important perspectives for the field.
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Need Help: Who to Contact
Unlike most journals, a dedicated staff of professionals is solely devoted to the production of the Journal of Neurophysiology. The  Journal's editors and dedicated staff members are eager to provide personalized service to our authors.