June 2018 Newsletter
In this issue:
  • New Calls for Papers
  • Flex-Submit
  • Rapid Reports
  • Reviews
  • Cover Art
  • Social Media
  • Podcasts
  • Highlighted Collection: Neurobiology of Navigation
  • Reader Survey
New Calls for Papers
Three new Calls for Papers will be officially open on July 1, adding to three that opened on January 1. All of the new Calls and two of the previous Calls are related to meetings.

We can promote your meeting, publish the proceedings in a virtual journal issue ( Collection), and even advertise the meeting proceedings, ALL FOR FREE!
Flex-Submit is a Big Hit!
If your paper is rejected by another journal, it is now simple to resubmit it to us thanks to our Flex-Submit program. We will no longer require strict formatting of papers in accordance with author guidelines on first submission. We will conduct initial peer review on a paper formatted in any style, as long as it is complete and intelligible to reviewers.

If the paper is promising, the revised paper must be formatted according to our  author guidelines  on resubmission.
Rapid Reports: Editorial Decisions in Two Weeks
In the competitive modern scientific world, authors need quick decisions on papers to demonstrate productivity. Rapid reports receive editorial decisions in less than two weeks (average time is 9 days).
An Ideal Venue for Review Articles
Did you know that we can publish your review article for free, and even help draw the artwork?

There are many places to publish review articles, but we think we are the ideal venue for many reasons:

  • There are no submission, color, or page charges for reviews.
  • We promote reviews extensively through our many social media and outreach programs.
  • All articles are indexed extensively, including in Medline
Note that you must formally propose the topic of your review to the editor prior to composition and submission of the article. Uncommissioned reviews will not be processed.
Cover for July-September Issues
We have selected the cover for the July-September issues of the Journal from submissions by authors.

When your paper is accepted, please remember to submit artwork inspired by the article, and it may wind-up on our cover.
Over 14,000 Follow Our Social Media
We now have over 14,000 followers on our social media channels, including scientists, journalists, and members of the public interested in neuroscience.

Every article that we publish is promoted via social media, and authors can customize this promotion by providing information via our social media promotion form.

Our social media program is amongst the most extensive of any neuroscience journal.
New Podcast Published

Podcasts are an effective mechanism to promote your article, particularly since we do all the work! To request a podcast recording for your article, just complete the social media request form linked to the acceptance letter.
Highlighted Collection: Where Are You Going? The Neurobiology of Navigation
Our Collection Where Are You Going? The Neurobiology of Navigation contains 11 articles, including 6 reviews. As with all of our virtual journal issues, submissions to this Collection were solicited through a Call for Manuscripts. Our Collections are definitive sources of information on highlighted topics.
Reader Survey
Managed by a dedicated staff, Journal of Neurophysiology provides personalized service to authors, and constantly implements changes that benefit the neuroscience community. Please complete our survey to help us improve.