March 2018 Newsletter
In this issue:
  • Happy 80th birthday to us!
  • Reader survey--help us improve!
  • Open access option
  • The power of the preprint server
  • New podcasts
  • Most read recent papers
  • Reviews accepted in 2018
  • Featured collection: Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces
  • Help program Experimental Biology 2019
  • Calls for papers
Happy Birthday to Us!
Founded in 1938, Journal of Neurophysiology is celebrating its 80th birthday. We were one of the first journals focused on neuroscience research. Yet, we still are innovating and finding better ways to present and promote the articles we publish, as highlighted in the video below.
Reader Survey
Managed by a dedicated staff, Journal of Neurophysiology provides personalized service to authors, and constantly implements changes that benefit the neuroscience community. Please complete our survey to help us improve.

Open Access Option
All articles we publish become open following a 12-month embargo for subscription access. The APS  AuthorChoice  program was developed to allow authors to provide immediate, open and free access to their work. If you like open access for your article, take advantage of this program.

The Power of the Preprint Server
Journal of Neurophysiology endorses the use of preprint servers to improve papers. It is even possible to submit papers directly to us from the preprint server bioRxiv. Use of a preprint server works: 73% of submissions to Journal of Neurophysiology in 2017 that were previously posted on a preprint server were accepted!

New Podcasts
We have already published 8 podcasts in 2018. Any author of an accepted paper can request for us to produce a podcast related to their article by completing the Social Media Request Form. Podcasts are archived on our Podcasts page and linked to the related article.

Most Read Recent Papers
Below are our recent articles that were most read in February.
Recently-Accepted Reviews
We are publishing more and more review articles to synthesize the expansive neuroscience literature. All are included in our Collection of Reviews. Note that we do not process unsolicited review articles; contact the editor for approval prior to composing and submitting the paper.
Below are the reviews we accepted for publication so far in 2018:

Structural modularity and grid activity in the medial entorhinal cortex by Robert Naumann, Patricia Preston-Ferrer, Michael Brecht, Andrea Burgalossi

Neural mechanisms of navigation involving interactions of cortical and subcortical structures by James R Hinman, Holger Dannenberg, Andrew Alexander, Michael E Hasselmo

50 Years of microneurography: Learning the language of the peripheral sympathetic nervous system in humans by J. Kevin Shoemaker, Mark B Badrov, Stephen A. Klassen, Paul J. Fadel

Highlighted Collection: Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces
Neural recording and stimulation is commonly used to treat medical conditions. Our Collection of articles on the Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces is focused on studies that inform the development of neural interfaces, as well as those that demonstrate how such interfaces alter neural function. 
Help Plan Experimental Biology 2019
Planning for the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting is underway. If you have nominees for the Joseph Erlanger Distinguished Lectureship or proposals for a featured topic session or symposium, submit them by clicking below.
Calls for Papers
Our Calls for Papers are used to solicit articles for our virtual journal issues, or Collections.

You are encouraged to submit a proposal for a Call, including one related to a meeting you are hosting. We can also promote your meeting through our newsletter and social media.