May 2018 Newsletter
In this issue:
  • Learn About Our 80-Year History
  • New Initiative: Your Paper Your Way
  • New Initiative: Editorial Focus Articles
  • Recent Reviews
  • We Will Promote Your Meeting and Publish the Proceedings FOR FREE
  • New "Case Study in Neuroscience" Published
  • NeuroForum: Let Us Improve Your Course
  • Featured Collection: Spinal Control of Motor Outputs
  • Reader Survey--Help Us Improve!
  • Calls for Papers
Learn About Our 80-Year History
The May issue of Journal of Neurophysiology contains an article about the Journal's 80-year history. Some interesting facts include:

  • Journal of Neurophysiology was the second journal published that focused on neuroscience.
  • Journal of Neurophysiology is the only American Physiological Society journal purchased from another publisher.
New Initiative: Your Paper Your Way
We will no longer be be scrutinizing papers for compliance with our technical standards (reference format, etc.) on first submission. As long as the required information is present, such as all author names in the metadata entered into the editorial website, the paper will be reviewed for scientific content.

If the paper is promising, the revised paper must be formatted according to our  author guidelines  on resubmission.
New Initiative: Editorial Focus Articles
To spotlight our highest-profile papers, we have introduced Editorial Focus articles. Each month, the Editor will select one or more articles for commentary by experts in the field. The topic article and the Editorial Focus about the article will be published in the same journal issue, and will be highlighted extensively via Social Media.
New Review Articles Published
We are publishing more and more review articles to synthesize the expansive neuroscience literature. We have published over 20 reviews so far in 2018!

Reviews are published with no page charges, and we can even help in creating the figures. Consult the Editor to discuss your proposal!
The following review articles were recently accepted:

We Will Promote Your Meeting and Publish the Proceedings FOR FREE
In 2018, we have publicized four meetings and are generating a virtual journal issue (Collection) related to each.

By partnering with us, meeting organizers increase their chances of obtaining funding, as supporters know the meeting will be well-publicized and the proceedings will be available to the public in a widely-indexed journal.

We will advertise your meeting in our newsletter and social media, send Journal promotional materials, and handle all logistics for publishing papers related to presentations at the meeting.
New Case Study in Neuroscience Published
"Case Studies in Neuroscience" is our latest article type. We just accepted a new Case Study:

Case Studies in Neuroscience: Sensations Elicited and Discrimination Ability from Nerve Cuff Stimulation in an Amputee Over Time by Rochelle Ackerley, Helena Backlund Wasling, Max Ortiz Catalan, Rickard Brånemark, and Johan Wessberg.
NeuroForum: Let Us Improve Your Course
Are you teaching a journal club course this year? Then include NeuroForum as part of the class. NeuroForum is our venue for trainees to publish short reviews of recent articles, or mini reviews of hot topics. We can work with instructors who want to include NeuroForum as a component of their course. Contact the Editor for more information!
Highlighted Collection:
Spinal Control of Motor Outputs
Our Collection on the Spinal Control of Motor Outputs contains 39 articles, including 11 reviews. As with all of our virtual journal issues, submissions to this Collection were solicited through a Call for Manuscripts. Our Collections are definitive sources of information on highlighted topics.
Reader Survey
Managed by a dedicated staff, Journal of Neurophysiology provides personalized service to authors, and constantly implements changes that benefit the neuroscience community. Please complete our survey to help us improve.

Calls for Papers
Our Calls for Papers are used to solicit articles for our virtual journal issues, or Collections.

You are encouraged to submit a proposal for a Call, including one related to a meeting you are hosting. We can also promote your meeting through our newsletter and social media.