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May 2015 Newsletter
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Our New "Continuous Publication" Strategy
Beginning in April, the  Journal of Neurophysiology instituted a "continuous publication" strategy. Instead of holding papers for future journal issues, we are now adding them to the current journal issue as soon as production (copyediting, typesetting, author approval) is complete. For example, the April journal issue will continue to expand until April 30, and then will be closed and the table of contents finalized.

Thus, when a new journal issue opens at the beginning of the month, it will contain few manuscripts, but will expand through the month. This strategy allows final paginated papers to be available much earlier.

We will continue to print journal issues, but the issue will be printed in the month after the online issue is closed. In addition, we will now only publish one journal issue per month.

We will continue to publish author versions of manuscripts within a week of acceptance in " Articles in Press."  However, with the arrival of continuous publication, the author version will be replaced with the polished, final version much earlier.

We are confident that our new publication strategy will be of benefit to authors and readers.  This is just another reason to submit your best work to the Journal of Neurophysiology.
Collections: An Extension of Continuous Publication
In March, we instituted our " Collections." Collections are virtual journal issues comprised of articles submitted for Calls for Manuscripts. As soon as a manuscript submitted for a Call is published in a journal issue, it will be added to the appropriate Collection. After a Collection is finalized, an editorial will be published regarding its contents. This publication model allows us to make articles submitted for Calls available to authors as soon as possible.

On the Collections page , Review and Research articles are separated for each topic, to aid readers in finding desired content. Note that the Collections will continue to expand, as additional manuscripts submitted for Calls are accepted.

Check out our Collections today, and submit your own article for a Call for Manuscripts.
Adjusting your Table of Contents (TOC) Alerts
We have changed the schedule for our TOC Alerts in accordance with our new continuous publication strategy. By default, readers who subscribe to our TOC alerts will receive:
  1. Emails when new articles are added to the current journal issue on Tuesday and Friday.
  2. Weekly alerts for articles that were recently accepted and included as "Articles in Press."
  3. Monthly alerts for the Table of Contents when a  journalissue is finalized.
If you prefer less frequent alerts, change your preferences at this link.
Highlighting Your Article
We highlight articles accepted by the Journal of Neurophysiology through a number of mechanisms, including our website, newsletters, APSselect, and social media. We have recently started including links to authors' institutions in our Facebook posts. We can also include an author's personal Facebook or Twitter account information if they like. If you want us to highlight a particular aspect of your article in our postings, or to link the posting to your own Facebook or Twitter account, please contact us after your manuscript is accepted.
New Editor Website Launched
The Editor-in-Chief has recently launched a new website to provide authors and readers of the Journal of Neurophysiology with links for information, including the following:
Bookmark this website for convenient access to information about the Journal, and let us know if other information should be added.
Tagline Added to Journal Website
Our new tagline "a multidisciplinary neuroscience journal" was added to the Journal website to remind authors that we are interested in publishing any high-quality manuscript that provides insights into the physiology of the nervous system (neural function), despite the methodology used in the study.
Calls for Manuscripts Closing Soon
Three Calls for Manuscripts will be closing soon.   If you would like your manuscript included in the Collections related to these Calls, submit it today!

Neurophysiology of Tactile Perception: A Tribute to Steven Hsaio

Steven Hsiao was the Scientific Director of the Johns Hopkins University Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute until his untimely death on June 16, 2014. The focus of Steve's career was to understand the neural basis of tactile perception.

Steve was a strong supporter of Journal of Neurophysiology, and the Journal is honoring him with a special Call for Manuscripts. This Call is for manuscripts related to somatosensory neurophysiology, including the encoding of tactile signals by sensory receptors, the processing of tactile signals by the central nervous system, and neural mechanisms for perceiving tactile signals.

Submissions for this Call are due no later than June 1, 2015.

Neuronal Diversity: Categorizing Types of Neurons

Neurons have a variety of anatomical, electrophysiological, and biochemical properties. However, stratifying these properties into neuronal classifications has been difficult, despite the fact that such classification schemes are needed for elucidation of the functions of neural circuits as well as for regenerative medicine. This call is for manuscripts that provide insights into categorizing neuronal types.

Submissions for this Call are due no later than July 1, 2015.

Control of Autonomic Function: Insights from Neurophysiological Studies in Conscious Animals (Including Humans)

Historically, most studies of neural pathways that regulate autonomic function were conducted in decerebrate or anesthetized animals, but recent neurophysiological experiments in conscious animals, including humans, have provided new and novel insights into the regulation of homeostasis. This call is to highlight findings from neurophysiological studies in conscious subjects (both humans and animals) that provide insights into autonomic function.

Submissions for this Call are due no later than July 1, 2015.
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