In this Issue:
  • First Collection Finalized
  • Highlighting Your Manuscript
  • Reduced Publication Times
  • Lowering Publication Costs
  • Award for Early-Career Neuroscientists
  • Honoring Our History
Our First Collection Is Finalized: Neurobiology of Deep Brain Stimulation
One of our important new initiatives is virtual journal issues, which we call Collections, related to important issues in neuroscience.  The content of our  Collections is solicited through Calls for Manuscripts.

All of the accepted manuscripts for the Collection " Neurobiology of Deep Brain Stimulation" are now in press.  The Collection contains 12 manuscripts providing insights into this topic, including the following review articles:
The Collections " Decision Making: Neural Mechanisms" and " Neurophysiology of Tactile Perception: A Tribute to Steven Hsiao" are nearly complete, and should be finalized within 1-2 months.  The beauty of virtual journal issues is that articles are added continuously as they are accepted, so you can already read most of the articles for these Collections.

We welcome suggestions for additional Collections, which should be forwarded to the editor. 
Ways We Highlight Your Manuscript
We recently issued a press release related to the following article:

Andrew Sawers, Jessica L. Allen, Lena H Ting. Long-term training modifies the modular structure and organization of walking balance control. Journal of Neurophysiology, 2015; jn.00758.2015

Numerous news outlets quickly promoted the article, including ScienceDaily, ScienceWorld Report, and Geeksnack.

We issue press releases when an article published in Journal of Neurophysiology is deemed to be "newsworthy" for the lay public. We also use additional mechanisms to promote articles, including our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Such methods can be successful in bringing an article to the attention of the public. According to Altmetric, the  Journal of Neurophysiology article " The power of the mind: the cortex as a critical determinant of muscle strength/weakness"  has been shared over a thousand times in blogs and other social media outlets.

If you value the sharing of your article via Social Media, send it to us!  We will work with you to publicize your article.  If you promote your article via Social Media, let us know and we will share your post.  We will also add your personal or institutional affiliations to our postings on request.  Just let us know how we can help promote your article.
Need Fast Publication of Your Paper: Submit It to Us!
Authors have commented about our reduced editorial processing times, which average 21 days from submission to editorial decision.   Rapid Reports receive editorial decisions within 14 days.

With our  Continuous Publication Initiative , articles are now published in final form ~2 months after acceptance.

Some comments from authors:

Wow, @JNeurophysiol is raising the bar on fast turnaround for reviews. Last few experiences as author and reviewer have all been very fast!
- Andrew Pruszynski (@andpru) October 23, 2015

Our recent paper in the journal was accepted Aug 5 (after a quick turn-around by the reviewers on our revisions) an d will be published by the end of September. Wow!

If you need rapid publication of your article, send it to us.   We provide:
  • Timely, fair and thorough peer review
  • First-rate copyediting and article processing
  • Rapid publication after article acceptance
Lower Your Publication Costs: Join the American Physiological Society Now and Receive a Gift!
Members of the American Physiological Society receive a number of benefits, including free color figures (if they are first or last author)  in the Journal of Neurophysiology and other Society publications, and an online Journal subscription.

If you join the American Physiological Society before November 30 and enter code SfNMarketIng15 during the payment process, you will receive a gift with your membership. Save on your publication costs, have online access to the journal everywhere, and receive many other benefits by becoming a Society member.
Early-Career Neuroscientists: Apply by November 13 for a Prestigious Award
One of the newest awards offered by the American Physiological Society is the Beverly Peterson Bishop Award for Excellence in Neuroscience. The award recognizes a Society member who holds an academic rank no higher than assistant professor and who has demonstrated outstanding promise based on his/her research program in neuroscience.

The recipient will receive a $20,000 award designated for use in his/her research program and complimentary registration for the Experimental Biology Meeting. In addition, recipients will have the opportunity to propose a Call for Manuscripts for the Journal of Neurophysiology.

Online applications are due by November 13!

Both of the inaugural recipients of the Beverly Peterson Bishop Award, Stephen Van Hooser and   Alain Frigon, proposed Calls for Manuscripts related to their research that will be announced in January 2016.
Honoring Our History
Some are unaware that when launched in 1938, the Journal of Neurophysiology was one of the first journals with a focus on neuroscience, and that we published some of the pivotal manuscripts that established neuroscience as an independent field.

To honor our history, we have established a Collection of Classic Articles, and highlight one of these articles every week via the "Throwback Thursday" feature on our Facebook page.

You are encouraged to nominate additional articles for our Classics Collection, via this online form.