First "Case Study in Neuroscience" Published
Our first article in the new category " Case Studies in Neuroscience" has been published.  The article is titled " Case Studies in Neuroscience: A Dissociation of Balance and Posture Demonstrated by Camptocormia," by Rebecca St George, Victor Gurfinkel, Jeff Kraakevik, John Nutt, and Fay Horak.
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New Feature: Social Media Request Form
Since September 1, we have promoted recent Journal of Neurophysiology articles through 58 Facebook posts, 70 tweets on Twitter, and three PodCasts. Every article we publish is highlighted through social media, an increasingly important forum to reach other neuroscientists and the public.
We are introducing an optional Social Media Request Form to make it easier for authors to provide specific requests about the promotion of their article. A link to this new form will be present in every acceptance decision letter sent to authors.

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Highlighted Collection
Decision Making: Neural Mechanisms
Our Collection of articles on the Neurobiology of  Decision Making has become a definitive source of information on the topic. The Collection includes 28 articles (8 research papers and 5 reviews) on the neuronal mechanisms related to decision making.
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Highlighting of Papers through APSselect Program
APSselect is a collection of the very best original research papers published by the American Physiological Society. Thus far in 2017, 15   Journal of Neurophysiology articles have been highlighted through APSselect. These articles are promoted by additional mechanisms as well, including press releases and social media postings.

Read our recent articles highlighed through the APSselect program:
Altered tactile sensitivity in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder by Nicolaas Puts, et al.

(Press Release About Article)

Parkinsonism and Vigilance: Alteration in neural oscillatory activity and phase-amplitude coupling in the basal ganglia and motor cortex by David Escobar, et al.

(Podcast Coming Soon)

Neuronal networks in the developing brain are adversely modulated by early psychosocial neglect by Catherine Stamoulis, et al.


A reduced somatosensory gating response in individuals with multiple sclerosis is related to walking impairment by David Arpin, et al.


Caffeine accelerates recovery from general anesthesia via multiple pathways by Robert Fong, et al.

(Press Release)


Activation of ganglion cells and axon bundles using epiretinal electrical stimulation by Lauren Grosberg, et al.

Motor recovery beginning 23 years after ischemic stroke by Peter Sörös, et al.

(Press Release)

Fetal alcohol exposure reduces responsiveness of taste nerves and trigeminal chemosensory neurons to ethanol and its flavor components by John Glendinning, et al.

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New Review Manuscripts
Since our last newsletter, we added new reviews to our  Collection of Review Articles.  Authors interested in contributing to this Collection should consult the editor-in-chief before composing and submitting their article.
Read the following Reviews published in the past three months:
Phrenic motoneurons: output elements of a highly organized intraspinal network by Michael Ghali

Interacting networks of brain regions underlie human spatial navigation: A review and novel synthesis of the literature by Arne Ekstrom, et al.

Diversity of molecularly-defined spinal interneurons engaged in mammalian locomotor pattern generation by Lea Ziskind-Conhaim and Shawn Hochman

Anatomy and physiology of phrenic afferent neurons by Jayakrishnan Nair, et al.

The divisive-normalization model of V1 neurons: A comprehensive comparison of physiological data and model predictions by Tadamasa Sawada and Alexander Petrov

Field repetition and local mapping in the hippocampus and medial entorhinal cortex by Roddy Grieves, et al.

Most Read Recent Articles
Articles published in the Journal of Neurophysiology are widely indexed and promoted via a number of mechanisms, and as a result are extensively read. 

The following articles published this year were the most read in September:

Activation of ganglion cells and axon bundles using epiretinal electrical stimulation by Lauren Grosberg, et al.

(543 reads in September; 743 total reads)

Neurophysiology and neural engineering: a review by Arthur Prochazka

(453 reads in September; 916 total reads)

Caffeine accelerates recovery from general anesthesia via multiple pathways by Robert Fong, et al.

(386 reads in September; 773 total reads)

Perspectives on classical controversies about the motor cortex by Mohsen Omrani, et al.

(319 reads in September; 672 total reads)

Physiological properties of brain-machine interface input signals by Marc Slutzky and Robert Flint

(290 reads in September; 600 total reads)

Development and aging of human spinal cord circuitries by Svend Geertsen, et al.

(226 reads in September; 470 total reads)

Sodium pump regulation of locomotor control circuits by Laurence Picton, et al.

(212 reads in September; 451 total reads)

Calls for Papers

Submit Soon! These Calls for Papers will close on January 1, 2018:
  • Working Memory: Neural Mechanisms
  • 50 Years of Microneurography: Insights into Neural Mechanisms in Humans
  • Control of Coordinated Movements
Three New Calls will close on July 1, 2018:
Submit your manuscript for these Calls soon, to ensure they are included in a virtual journal issue ("Collection") related to each Call.