Live Now! Direct Submission from bioRxiv
You can now directly submit manuscripts to the Journal of Neurophysiology through the preprint server bioRxiv. Such transfers remove the burden of reentering metadata in our editorial system. We are the first neuroscience-focused publication to facilitate such direct submissions from bioRxiv. Try this new initiative today!
New Guidelines to Enhance Reproducibility
In our ongoing efforts to enhance the reproducibility of the data we publish, new Guidelines to promote transparent reporting were just released.   Authors are encouraged to become familiar with and to follow these Guidelines, to assure that others can duplicate their work and build upon it.
Importance of Metadata
An author recently asked why the author affiliations listed in PubMed did not match those in their accepted manuscript. To expedite the publication process, the information transferred to PubMed comes from the manuscript's metadata, or information entered directly in our journal website. Thus, if you do not enter data into the website correctly, it will initially be wrong in PubMed. Be careful when entering data during manuscript submissions!
Meet the Editors: Stefan Everling
Stefan Everling is a Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Western Ontario and a Scientist at the Robarts Research Institute. His research focuses on neural correlates of executive control using high-field functional magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiology in non-human primate models. Stefan contributes to the editorial team on behavioral, imaging, and neurophysiological studies.
Two New Review Manuscripts Published
We are adding more and more articles to the Collection of Reviews on our website.  Two excellent reviews were published since the August newsletter.  Read them today!
New Podcast Released
Earlier this year, we introduced Podcasts as a new social media venue to promote the manuscripts we publish.  Other venues include postings on Facebook and Twitter, as well as press releases.   Our newest Podcast was just released; listen to it today!
Peer Review Procedures
Some authors have inquired about how the peer review process works at the Journal of Neurophysiology. In response to such queries, we generated a peer review webpage to demystify the process, and inform authors about our peer review, conflict of interest, and appeal procedures.   Our overarching goal is to provide rapid and unbiased editorial decisions following a thorough and fair peer review process.

Calls for Papers

Submit Soon!  These Calls for Papers will close on January 1, 2017:
  • Spinal Control of Motor Outputs
  • Building Neural Circuits: Wiring and Experience
  • Biology of Neuroengineering Interfaces
Three New Calls will close on July 1, 2017:
  • Central Pattern Generators
  • The Mouse Visual System
  • Where Are You Going? The Neurobiology of Navigation
Submit your manuscript for these Calls soon, to ensure they are included in a virtual journal issue ("Collection") related to each Call.