September 2018 Newsletter
In this issue :
  • Podcast for 2018 NCM Meeting
  • Other New Podcasts
  • Recent Review Articles
  • Most Discussed Articles in August
  • Deadlines for Meeting-Related Calls are Approaching
  • New Author Guidelines
Podcast for 2018 NCM Meeting
We were a sponsor of the 2018 Society for the Neural Control of Movement Meeting (NCM). As part of this sponsorship, we issued a Call for Manuscripts for the meeting; papers accepted for this Call will be published in a virtual journal issue (Collection).

We have also published an editorial summarizing meeting highlights, as well as a podcast by the authors of the editorial.

We can highlight your meeting as well! Contact the Editor to learn more.
Other New Podcasts
On the request of authors, we will produce a podcast related to any article that we accept. Just complete the Social Media Promotion Form included in the acceptance letter or email the Editor to request a podcast.

We handle all the logistics for podcasts; the authors just need to participate in a panel discussion about their article conducted via Skype. This is an effective mechanism to assure your article reaches its maximal audience.

Listen to our recent podcasts:

  • Learning by heart. Is it easier to learn at certain phases in the cardiac cycle? In this podcast, Editor-in-Chief Bill Yates talks with Tomi Waselius, Dr. Jan Wikgren, Dr. Markku Penttonen, and Dr. Miriam Nokia (all from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland) about their recent study that explored this question in both humans and rabbits.
Recent Review Articles
We are publishing an increasing number of review articles to synthesize the expansive literature in neuroscience. Our reviews are definitive sources of information about key issues in the field.

All reviews must be commissioned prior to submission; contact the Editor if you are interested in submitting a review article to us.
Read our recent review articles:

Most Discussed Articles in August
According to Altmetric, the following recent articles were discussed the most in August.

Full details about the online discussion of every article is provided on the article's page, under the "Information" tab.

Deadlines for Meeting-Related Calls are Approaching
Two Calls for Manuscripts related to recent meetings will be closing at the end of the year. Submit your article soon to assure it it supports the meeting and its organizers:

Three other meeting-related Calls will close in June 2019:

Recent Changes to Author Guidelines
Our author guidelines were recently updated to promote the transparent reporting of data and to increase the reliability of articles.

Please adhere to these new guidelines when composing your next manuscript.