Hello Liz,

I pray you are well. I created a new newsletter format. I plan to share some "God Moving" stories, songs I'm loving, and journaling tips, as well as special offers or fun upcoming events and giveaways (see one below). I hope you find this encouraging, helpful, and fun!

One day I was journaling my feelings and an image came to me of a child running away as a bomb exploded. Her arm shielded her eyes as she looked back at the destruction and loss.

I quickly realized I was that child, and I was living in this anxious state of expecting the next bomb to drop. Many people I loved were dealing with serious health issues, along with all the rest of the crazy everyone endured in 2020.

BOOM! I sunk into my chair as I heard the next bomb go off. It was just before Christmas of 2021. A PET scan revealed that my mom’s lung cancer had gotten worse.

A few days later a devotional titled “Keep Calm & Carry On” landed in front of me. It was encouraging. I was curious about the story behind the popular phrase.

A little googling divulged it was from a poster created by the British administration during World War II to boost morale and help keep people calm as bombs dropped on their cities.

Two million posters were printed, but this slogan was never used and pulped because of a paper shortage. A few posters survived and 61 years later one was found in a Northumberland bookstore. In 2001 the saying began appearing on merchandise.

The timing of this slogan resonated. When I first heard of my mom's stage four lung cancer on Good Friday of 2019 I lived in a numb, lifeless "cancer fog" that took me out for months.

This bomb dropped when I was in the middle of a few ministry projects that I needed to finish before I got on a plane to see my Mom and Dad for Christmas 2021. I could not be taken out again.

Realizing this, I wanted to keep this message front and center, so I painted a canvas and put it over my kitchen sink. I don't think I shared it with anyone. 

It just so happened, not long after that my MOPS table mentor dropped off two Christmas presents. One gift was from her and one from a steering team leader.

I closed the door and opened the one from the team leader. Inside was a red coffee mug that said, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

I did some digging and discovered it was an extra door prize that was not used at the meeting I missed, and on a whim they said to the mentor, "Please give this to Liz since she missed the fun."

WOW! Coincidence or God Moving? You decide.

I let the message settle into my spirit, stayed calm, finished my projects, and enjoyed drinking my daily tea from my new mug.

Here is the best part: My husband's tests turned out fine, my son is doing great, and my mom is in remission! Who even knew that was possible with stage 4 lung cancer? I am beyond grateful!

I love hearing your God Moving stories that show God's guidance, provision, and care. If you have any, please hit reply and share them. I might even place it in a future newsletter (with your permission of course). If I choose your story, you get a free journal!

I added a new page to my web site called "Songs I'm Loving."

The first song I want to share is called "Psalm 84" by Shane and Shane. The worship leaders sang it at a recent retreat. After singing this song the Holy Spirit's presence was so real as I got up to speak.

My favorite lyric is, "When I stand in Your presence I am free. When I sit at Your table I am right where I belong. In the doorway of my Father's house I'm home."

To hear it click the "Free Resources" page and scroll down till you see the yellow graphic. I plan to keep adding my latest favorites to the page, so you can hear them easily.

Let go of perfectionism! It gets in the way of expressing your true feelings. It is okay to misspell something or use improper grammar.

The great part about journaling with bullet points in circles is that complete sentences are not necessary. Your journal is a prayer tool that is just for you. Only you need to understand what it says.

I am planning a few fun giveaways in the future here and on social media, so keep your eyes open. Please forward this to a friend who might enjoy it. Don't forget to share your "God Moving" stories with me.

Many Blessings,

Liz Lassa

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