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Journey Group // Fall Registration 2019
At The Ridge, we believe that life is a team sport - best done together! There is comfort and power in hearing the words, "Me Too!" God didn't design us to journey alone. Journey Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, and just have fun! Don't miss out. Make sure you register today!
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#1 - Leaders: Allen and Kelly Webb // Study: You and Me Forever (couple study) // Day and Time: Sunday at 5:30pm // Place: Rotation of homes // Childcare: Yes

#2 - Leaders: Scott and Teresa Gunn // Study: I Said This, You Heard That // Day and Time: Sunday at 9:15am // Place: Brookstone Cafe // Childcare: Yes

#3 - Leaders: Seth and Anna Muck // Study: Greater Than (Young Adults) // Day and Time: Tuesday at 7pm // Place: Sugar Mill Apartments (Schomburg Rd) // Childcare: No  

#4 - Leader: Marietta Webb // Study: Miracles of Jesus // Day and Time: Monday at 6:30pm // Place: The Ridge Office // Childcare: No

#5 - Leaders: Ty and Crystal Baxley // Study: Have a New Kid by Friday // Day and Time: Wednesday at 6:30pm // Place: Wynfield Subdivision // Childcare: Yes  

#6 - Leaders: Trey and Heather Watley // Study: I Said this, You Heard That // Day and Time: Monday at 6:30pm // Place: Midland // Childcare: No

#7 - Leaders: Sandy and Erin Johnson // Study: I Said This, You Heard That // Day and Time: Sunday at 5:30pm // Place: Hamilton // Childcare: Yes

#8 - TABLE GROUPS // Study: I Said This, You Heard That // Day and Time: Sunday at 5:45pm // Place: Epworth UMC (Manchester Exp) // Childcare: Yes
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#9 - The Gift - Leader: Rotation // Study: Bad Girls of the Bible // Day and Time: Every Other Thursday Evening // Place: Hilton Ave // Childcare: Yes  
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#10 - Leader: Robbie Bishop // Study: Core // Day and Time: Thursday at 12pm. // Place: Ridge Office // Childcare: No

#11 - Lunch Group // Day and Time: Monday at 12pm. // Place: Downtown Restaurants // Childcare: No
Hobby groups will meet monthly or quarterly. The purpose is to connect in fellowship. Your group leader will be in touch with the details of when and where the first group meeting will take place.

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#12 - Tennis Group - Leader: Julie Chapman

#13 - RidgeRunner Saturday Social - Leader: Allison Bowden

#14 - Craft Group - Leader: Heather Zeunges

#15 - Ultimate Frisbee - Leader: Nathan Carr

#16 - Yoga Group - Leader: Shannon Mixon

#17 - Meal Ministry - Leader: Kim Foster

#18 - Rose Hill Ministry (2nd Tuesday of the month feeding the homeless) - Leader: David Foster
Student Journey Group serve our youth in grades 6th - 12th grade. For more information on groups, please contact our education director: Nathan Carr.

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#19 - Breakfast Club (Middle School): Sunday at 10:30am // Place: Brookstone School

#20 - Journey North (High School): Wednesday at 7:15am // Place: Northside High School  

#21 - Donuts in the County (High School): Thursday at 7:30am // Place: Harris County High School

#22 - Mornings @ Chick-fil-A (High School): Tuesday at 7:00am // Place: Chick-fil-A on Wynnton
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