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Hope you're surrounded by love and family right now and hopefully you're getting to spend some time outside. Here's the lowdown on what we've been doing, reading, and fighting for at Aubin. While you're here, tune into the Spotify playlist we put together: "The Soundtrack of our Revolution." And we'd love to hear what songs are on your playlists!
In 1994, after Brandon Teena was murdered, Donna Minkowitz published a Village Voice article called Love Hurts. The conversation around transgender identity was to be changed forever. I picked up my FisherPrice PXL2000 camera , gathered my roommates together, and asked them some questions: "Have you ever wanted to be a boy? Would that be different from being a lesbian or a passing woman? What does the story of Brandon Teena have to offer lesbians?" We filmed each other searching for answers and the result was the short, black and white film Cuz It's Boy.

In a remarkable act of courage, self-critique, and engaged curiosity, Minkowitz recently wrote another piece for the Village Voice admitting her huge error in deploying a framework and language that were disrespectful of Brandon's life and loves. We will forever need to challenge and adapt our perspectives, theories, beliefs, and vocabulary to center, celebrate and protect trans people, queer people, and all those whose identities don't fall within neat boxes. With Cuz It's Boy, I started a conversation more focused on the questioning than the answering, and I am so glad that today the inquiry still resonates as an intervention. If you would like to screen the film or view it within your circles, it should be available online soon. Or reach out to us . –– Cat
Catherine and Tanya will be panelist and moderator (respectively) at the next For Freedoms Town Hall at Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland! MOCA provides safe, open platforms for topical conversations that seek to encourage a more active, collaborative, inclusive, and empathic community.

The panel discussion will feature artist Naeem Mohaiemen, and other guests who will together explore successful ways in which artists can work within and with communities that are not always their own, to produce meaningful and relevant art.
Happy Birthday, Tamir!

Samaria Rice hosted a Sweet Sixteen birthday party and fundraiser in honor of her son Tamir Rice. The event raised $23,803 which will go towards establishing the Tamir Rice Afrocentric Center, slated to open in 2019. The Center, located in Cleveland's St. Clair neighborhood, will provide arts, cultural, and educational programs for children from ages 10-19 years old. 

Aubin celebrates Samaria for her grit, creativity, dedication, and generosity.
It was a revelation and a celebration, a revival and a reactivation! The brilliant and beautiful Zachary Drucker programmed Cat's 1996 documentary, Hallelujah! Ron Athey: A Story of Deliverance (1997) at the Hammer Museum on June 22 in a series presented by the UCLA Film & Television Archive and The Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation. In the post-screening Q&A, Zachary got Ron and Cat thinking about AIDS and activism pre-1996, art in the Helms era, heartache, community formation, love, grief and laughter. Gratitude to all who revisited with us - here in front of Billy Wilder's glasses. (Photo courtesy Amy Scholder.)
Dispatches from Cleveland will be streaming on Amazon Prime and Google Play, starting August 14. (Additional platforms soon!)

And Aubin has partnered with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Cleveland Votes to present a five-part film series taking place in communities across Cleveland. We will amplify community voices and galvanize folks towards a city-wide film viewing on National Voter Registration day, tentatively scheduled for September 25th at Tower City Cinemas, Cleveland. If you're in Cleveland or you know people who are, please spread the word.

As we race towards the November midterm elections, we are utilizing the film in communities across the U.S. Want it in your town? Connect with our Impact Guru Arielle Knight!
Chavela sang her way into Cannes last month as a part of the Rencontres Cinématographiques In & Out Festival. While we couldn't be there, nothing makes us happier than knowing that world continues to bear witness to the story of this remarkable woman. Viva Chavela! (Graphics: Greenlight Creative)
Did you see that Dispatches from Cleveland just started an Instagram account? Follow us to see how we're using the film to engage, register, protect, and mobilize voters right now.

L-R: Rocío López, Tracy Naschek, Anna Morris
We welcome our new summer interns - Rocio, Tracy and Anna - into our ever growing and buoyant Aubin family. As you can see, they have warmed up to us and Harley already. They're all undergrads, studying literature, arts, gender, and film and the endlessly fascinating intersections, at University of the Arts, London, University of Richmond and Mount Holyoke College, respectively.

As they learn about documentary filmmaking and the politics of visual culture, they're teaching us a lot about gender, vitality, the future, and the precision of hashtags! If you or anyone you know would like to intern with us, please write to us.
We are so happy and honored to announce Cat's induction into the Documentary Branch of The Academy. Though we didn't need any validation to know how amazing she is, this comes as a timely and much-deserved acknowledgement of the years of hard work she has put into telling stories that deserve to be told.

She was also recently awarded the Joan Shaw Herman Award for Distinguished Service from her high school, Concord Academy. It's heartening to know that her sensitive and empathetic art finds resonance and appreciation across various institutions and communities. ––The Aubin Team
Our friends at MoveOn have launched a new video series: “In Formation: Black Women Building the Progressive Future,” which is focused on Black women leaders and the progressive movement. The series includes six videos and MoveOn will be releasing a new one each week. Check out the first installment and other excellent and useful shorts on their Facebook channel.
So proud of our intern-alum Bat-Ami Rivlin, who produced the film, A Prayer, about a young Jewish woman's experience negotiating life, love, and sexuality. We are doubly proud that it will premiere at Outfest, Los Angeles later this month.
Listen to the extraordinary podcast EAR HUSTLE! It just completed its second incredible season of stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. A partnership between Earlonne Woods, currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist, (and co-founded with fellow inmate Antwan Williams), EAR HUSTLE melts the walls.

Poor says, "I think for a lot of people, unless you're involved in the criminal justice system, the prisons are these invisible places. We don't know what happens inside of them. And so hopefully our stories make human the people that are in here." Tune in, listen and bear witness.
Thrilled to see London Breed become the first African-American woman mayor of San Francisco!

"Today, my housing situation is like many living in San Francisco. My home is a rent-controlled apartment in the Lower Haight. I’m still paying off my student loans. I drive a 16-year-old car and bring coupons to the store. San Francisco is experiencing an affordability crisis, and I’m right there with you," she said after the election results were announced.

She's a harbinger of the good that's coming along! Abrams, Ocasio-Cortez, Jordan, Hardesty, and so it goes. VOTE!
"I'm Bernice Reagon. I was born in Georgia, and I'd like to talk about the fact that in about twenty years we'll turn up another century. I believe that we are positioned to have the opportunity to have something to do with what makes it into the next century. And the principles of coalition are directly related to that. You don't go into coalition because you just like it. The only reason you would consider trying to team up with somebody who could possibly kill you, is because that's the only way you can figure you can stay alive."

Our Board member Scot Nakagawa sent us a timely reminder to read and re-read Bernice Johnson Reagon's seminal 1981 essay Coalition Politics: Turning the Century from Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology ed. Barbara Smith .
Color Of Change ' s #EndMoneyBail campaign is an effort to bring an end to the system of money bail that, for too long, has been a tool for extracting wealth from already economically oppressed communities and funneling it into the pockets of large corporations around the world. Cash bail is inherently wrong and traps innocent people in jail. If people cannot pay bail, which is often intentionally set to be unaffordable for Black people, they remain stuck in jail. Basically, they are kept in prison for being poor. Watch the video, share it , read about the campaign , talk about it, and donate .
Don't miss our friend Jasiri X's amazing and hard-hitting video, The Whitest House, that calls out the systemic racism inherent in the country's political DNA. It's a blistering take-down of white privilege that deserves a listen and several re-listens.
-Michael Langley
Sometimes poetry spills forth all the trauma, pain, and grief, giving them a way out. It offers those willing to read, more strength, assurance, and clairvoyance. We are starting a poetry wall to find words that make sense of the world around us. Do you write poems? Did you read a poem that moved you? Send them to us!

For starters, check out Warsan Shire's Home (excerpted below):
In a country that systematically criminalizes immigration and immigrants, from revoking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to ramping up intimidating ICE tactics, we draw strength from Warshan Shire's poem Home as we stand up, march, and revolt against unjust laws and practices. Because #familiesbelongtogether and not in cages. Make sure you keep yourself updated about the events happening around you, and show up. When immigrant lives are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!

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