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Cultivating Leadership                                                               July 2018
Complexity toolbox

One of the biggest struggles a leader has in a complex, changing world is encouraging and aligning people towards an unknown future. Here are the best ideas we've found for communicating in uncertain and complex times--in four minutes or less!

Tipping into the light 
Jennifer has been traveling the pathways of her ancestors who courageously embarked on journeys across the ocean and into the unknown. How do we know when it is time to leave behind our old lives to create something new? Jennifer offers her assessment that perhaps the time is now. The place? We make that together. Come read more to join the journey.
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Virtual book club  Changing on the Job
Join Jennifer as she talks with Amy Pasquale of New York ODN, for their virtual book club event featuring Jennifer's book  Changing on the Job: Developing leaders for a complex world July 11th via Zoom. Details here.

Leading in Complex Times
Join Jennifer, Keith and other top thinkers and teachers about leadership development  for a day in London on 20th September.  This joint initiative between Cultivating Leadership, Harthill Consulting and MDV Consulting, is hosting a unique event for Learning and HR practitioners to explore new tools and practices to grow their own and their executives' capacity to lead in today's complex world.
Learning from the World Cup 
World cup fever has Zafer in its grip. The strategy of the players is not really far from the strategy of all of us in our lives: Do we play to win? Or do we play so that we don't lose? How can you learn about yourself and your leadership from thinking about the Beautiful Game? 
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Keith too has been inspired by the World Cup as a complex adaptive system. Come enjoy the ways the patterned, but not predictable world of sport gives insight into complex systems everywhere.  
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Workshops 2018/2019

Virtual Conversations at the Growing Edge
Last chance to register for our Gateway Growth Edge Coaching workshop, to learn with Jennifer, Carolyn, and a participant group spanning the globe.
We are delivering this workshop just once in 2018 and it starts online on 17th July! Last places going fast!  Click here for full details and to register  
Advanced workshops--For those who have attended Conversations at the Growing Edge
Expanding Client Horizons Openly
This workshop moves from the practice of tentatively exploring your clients'
developmental path to actually having explicit conversations with your clients about their Growth Edge and whether and how to grow into a new developmental place.

Wellington, New Zealand, November 16-18, 2018
With Carolyn Coughlin and Patrice Laslett
Click here for full details and to register

London, UK, November 21-23
With Jennifer Garvey Berger and Zafer Achi
Click here for full details and to register

Bay area, US, December 4-6
With Carolyn Coughlin and Patrice Laslett
Psychologically Spacious Coaching
In this workshop, we create and practice new ways of using developmental ideas throughout a coaching engagement. We explore ways you can weave Growth Edge ideas in your conversations with clients to support them to find new solutions to intractable challenges.

Maryland, US, April 9-11, 2019
With Carolyn Coughlin

Stand alone workshop

Cultivating the Self for Complexity
This workshop offers a developmental perspective on how we can respond to complexity. We explore significant and sometimes radical shifts in our Sensing, Being, and Acting. We investigate resourcing in the midst of complexity: both for our clients, and for ourselves. 

Auckland, New Zealand, residential workshop from January 30 (5pm) to February 2, 2019
With Carolyn Coughlin and Patrice Laslett
Click here for full details and to register

Lessons for leadership and life

Jennifer offers a look back at one of her darkest years and revisits the leadership lessons that made the year brighter. If you're curious about applying complexity ideas to leadership and to life, click below. 

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