Week of June 14, 2020
As we seek to continue to keep connected as a church family even while apart from one another, below you will find several ways to participate in worship, prayer, and service with others from HBIC. We invite you to join us in any of these various ways this week!

There's also some important "announcement-type" information in this week's e-mail, so be sure to scroll the whole way through!

We continue to pray that you will experience the riches of the Lord's presence during this time that we are not able to be present with one another!
-- HBIC Pastoral Staff

Our pastoral staff are working together each week to record a worship service for our church family. The service will be available on the  HBIC YouTube Channel   on Sunday mornings by 9 am, as well as anytime thereafter.

The  Worship-At-Home Resource Page serves as a companion to the weekly worship video on the HBIC YouTube Channel and includes the song lyrics, the sermon scripture, plus some links for children. ...If you have more than one device and you'd like to see the lyrics to sing along, or have the sermon scripture handy to read along, you can have the video playing on one device while you follow along with the worship resource on the other!

May you experience the gentle presence of God
as you worship this week!
Rodney Sauder, our Church Treasurer, provided a financial update for the first quarter of the year back in early April. The Finance Committee is planning to provide a Monthly Offering Update. (The updates for the previous month will be shared once the Treasurer's Report is completed.)

As had been shared earlier, March was a difficult month for the church's finances. In contrast, both April and May were strong giving months for us. The Finance Committee has been encouraged by the generous, faithful giving of the church family, even during this time when we have not been able to meet together in person. Thank you!

To give the big picture, the need for each month's offering for the General Fund throughout 2020, in order to meet our budget for the year, is $60,241. While we don't currently have some of the costs which had been projected for the year, we do have some other costs which were not anticipated when the budget was approved.

  • Donations to the General Fund in April totaled $62,130, which is $1889 more than the budgeted monthly need.
  • At the end of April, total receipts for year-to-date were $213,798, which is $27,166 behind the budgeted need for the same time period.
  • Total receipts were also $2958 behind year-to-date actual expenses.
  • In addition to the strong giving to the General Fund, the congregation gave very generously to the Deacon Fund and to the Food Pantry during April.

  • Donations to the General Fund in May totaled $66,729, which is $6488 more than the budgeted monthly need.
  • At the end of May, total receipts for year-to-date were $280,527, which is $20,678 behind the budgeted need for the same time period.
  • The combination of strong giving and reduced expenses helped us to end the month $14,656 ahead of year-to-date actual expenses.
  • The congregation continued its generous giving to the Deacon Fund and to the Food Pantry during May.

Once again, thank you for caring for the church's financial health during these months. Our work together for God's kingdom continues!
Since we do not have a weekly worship service bulletin during this time, we are including a Schedule for the Week in this weekly email.

The following will be taking place during the week of June 14 to 20:

  • Sunday, 9 am - On-Line Worship Service (HBIC YouTube Channel)
  • Sunday, 10:30 am - Youth Sunday School (Zoom)
  • Sunday, 7 pm - Sr. High Youth Group (Zoom)
  • Monday, 4 pm - Creation Kids (Zoom)
  • Monday, 6 pm - Church Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, 5:30 pm - Jr. High Youth Group (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, 7 pm - Virtual Prayer Meeting (Zoom)
  • Thursday, 4 pm - Creation Kids (Zoom)
  • Thursday, 8:15 pm - Young Adult Monday Book Study (Zoom)
  • Friday, 7 pm - Zoom Connection (Zoom)
  • Saturday, 8 pm - Youth Social (Zoom)

If you'd like to participate in any of these and need a link, a meeting ID, or more information, contact:
Pastor Patty for children's gatherings
Pastor Brie for youth and young adult gatherings
Any of the pastors or the church office for the other adult gatherings

We also invite you to join in praying for these various ministry
opportunities throughout the week and for those who may participate!

The Youth will be having a Zoom Game Night this Saturday, June 20, beginning at 8 pm... Pastor Brie will be sending out an email with the details and links - watch for them, and join the fun!

And if you have a youth (completed grades 6 - 12) who isn't receiving the youth emails, be sure to contact Pastor Brie to let her know!

Save the date -  Monday, June 22, 7 to 8 pm - for a special meeting on Zoom to continue our HBIC Discussion on Racial Justice. We encourage you to join us to talk and pray together about racial justice in our church, community, country, and world.
Please pray for those who have recently lost loved ones:

Joyce Muniz and family, whose sister, Jeannette, passed away June 3 after a long battle with cancer.

Marilyn Miller and family, whose brother, Darrel Bigham, passed away June 6 following a massive heart attack. Darrel grew up in our church, click here to link to his obituary.

Throughout this time that we haven't been able to meet together as a congregation, volunteers and staff have been working in and around our church building. Here's a list of the many projects which have been accomplished or are in the process of being done:

Church Mailboxes Update
Church Directory
Daily Building Checks
Drum Shield Construction
Gate Unlocking for Our Neighbor Business
New Digital Sound Board Installation
Painting in the Upstairs Area
Sanctuary Carpet Cleaning
Sanctuary Chairs Cleaning and Repairing
Weeding/Mulching Around the Property
"Work Day" Cleaning Projects

We're very grateful for the staff and volunteers who have been serving to meet all of these many needs!

The Our Daily Bread booklets for June/July/August arrived at the church a few days ago. If you'd like a copy, contact Pastor Lynda

Last week we shared some others ways to access Our Daily Bread's daily devotionals, even without having the printed booklets (online or in your email inbox). In addition, a congregant let us know that Our Daily Bread also offers an app for your phone or tablet - you can go to your app store to search for it.

Summer Camp has been a highlight each year for many of our church's children. Kenbrook Bible Camp has canceled its regular summer camp programming for this summer, but they are offering 3-day family camps.

Families can spend time using Kenbrook's facilities and enjoying time together in a safe manner. To check out the details about this Family Camp opportunity from Kenbrook, click here.

Our church is offering scholarships to make the camps more affordable for families from the church - for more details about the scholarship assistance, contact Pastor Patty.

Since we don't have use of a bulletin board right now, we're passing along info here... The church office received an email in the last week from Messiah College advertising some job openings. Click here to see the advertised staff positions.

On Wednesday evenings, we are hosting a Virtual Prayer Meeting each week, an opportunity to connect together for prayer. We'll connect by using Zoom at 7 pm.

You're able to use a computer, tablet, or phone to join our Virtual Prayer Meeting with video; or call in by phone, (929) 205-6099 (meeting ID: 433-644-241) to get the audio-feed. ...You'll need Zoom installed on your device ahead of time in order to connect - if you need some guidance for this, contact   office@harrisburgbic.org .

We've adjusted our Zoom Connection schedule to one Friday evening each month.

This week we'll hold the June Zoom Connection gathering, Friday, June 19, 7 pm.

If you'd like to see others from HBIC and have some time to sit and chat with some of the staff and others from our church family, no planned agenda for the gathering, we hope you'll join us!

If you need help with Zoom or if you need the ID to connect by phone, contact office@harrisburgbic.org .