Week of September 13 to 19, 2020
As we seek to continue to keep connected as a church family, below you will find several ways to participate in worship, prayer, and service with others from HBIC. We invite you to join us in any of these various ways this week!

There's also some important information in this week's e-mail, so be sure to scroll the whole way through!

We continue to pray that you will experience the riches of the Lord's presence during this time in which many of us are not able to be present with one another!
-- HBIC Pastoral Staff

Our pastoral staff are working together each week to record a worship service for our church family.

The service will be available on the HBIC YouTube Channel on Sunday mornings by 9 am, as well as anytime thereafter. This pre-recorded, online service is available in addition to the in-person worship services at Lingle Park.

This week we will be sharing in communion during our services. If you are joining us online, you'll need to be prepared with your bread/cup elements.

We are live-streaming both the 9 and 11 am in-person services, giving one more worship service option for those who are not able to join us at the park. If all works well, you'll be able to link to either of the live-stream services on our HBIC YouTube Channel (youtube.com/c/HarrisburgBICChurch) at the time of the service, or you'll be able to watch the recording of the livestream anytime.

The Worship-At-Home Resource Page serves as a companion to the weekly worship video on the HBIC YouTube Channel and includes the song lyrics, the sermon scripture, reflection questions, plus some links for children. ...If you have more than one device and you'd like to see the lyrics to sing along, or have the sermon scripture handy to read along, you can have the video playing on one device while you follow along with the worship resource on the other!

May you experience the blessing of God
as you worship this week!

Each week, we'll include here a link to the children's message... You can click here to view this week's children's message by Pastor Patty.

If you've registered for one of the worship services at Lingle Park tomorrow, 9 am and 11 am, please look for an email with a few last minute details and reminders.

...If you still need to register for one of the September 13th services, click here for 9 am, or click here for 11 am.

If you have any questions between today and tomorrow morning (before 8:00 am), feel free to contact Pastor Hank or Pastor Lynda.

Special Note: On Sunday, September 13, we will be sharing communion together at Lingle Park (pre-packaged individual communion juice/bread.) We haven't shared in-person communion since February - we're looking forward to sharing the bread and cup with those who can join us!

And if you aren't able to be with us in-person at the park, you can still join us online for communion (in either the pre-recorded service or the live-stream services), you'll just need to be prepared with your own bread and cup.

Please pray for those in our church who have recently lost loved ones:

  • Pray for Cahlen, Maissiah, and Myleigh Washington as they grieve the passing of their father, Andra Ceasar, this past Monday.

  • Pray for Molly and Rodney Sauder and their family as they grieve the passing of Molly's mother this past Tuesday.

  • Pray for the family and friends of Della Taylor, who passed away on Friday after a hard-fought, faith-filled cancer battle.

On Sunday Sept 27th we will have Parent/Child Dedication in both services at Lingle Park.

Parent/Child dedication is a time where you as a parent are committing to raising your child in a Christian home, and the church also commits to supporting you the parents.

If you are interested in dedicating your child/children please contact Pastor Patty. There will be one class for parents prior to the dedication, date will be determined.

On Sunday, October 4 we will celebrate our annual Missions Sunday - we hope you'll join us, either in person or online, for this special service!
Jonathan Lloyd, Director of BIC World Missions, will be with us to share the morning's message, Following the Commands of Christ: Go and Make Disciples of All Nations (Matthew 28:19-20). We're looking forward to Jonathan's inspiration and challenge from the Word!

And each year on Missions Sunday, we take a special Missions Offering, which is used primarily to provide a love gift to all of the missionaries sent out from our church, plus a small portion also given to BIC World Missions. Our Offering Goal for this year is $10,000 or more. It will take many gifts, both large and small, to reach this goal. Each of us is encouraged to ask God for direction in what we are to share in order to support and bless our missionaries this year. You can give your Missions Offering in person at our services on October 4, or you can give online or mail a check to the church (marked for Missions Offering) anytime between now and the last Sunday in October.

Thank you to the church family for your continued giving to the church's ministry, whether you've been mailing in checks, have signed up for regular giving through E-Tithe, or have used our online giving portal, easytithe... We are blessed by your regular giving!

Here's the update as of August 31:
  • At the end of August, total receipts for year-to-date were $445,217, which is $36,711 behind the budgeted need for the same time period.
  • Year-to-date receipts, while behind the budget, are also $47,359 ahead of year-to-date actual expenses because our expenses have been lower than had been anticipated when we built the budget for the year.
  • In addition to giving to the General Fund, donations also came in for the Deacon Fund, the Food Pantry, and the India Well Project throughout July and August.

Thank you for your faithful giving to the ministry of our church!

In a typical year, we collect a special offering once each quarter, in the months that have a fifth Sunday, which we call our Common Ministry/Missionaries Offering. One half of the offering is forwarded to BIC US as an extra Common Ministry donation beyond what we have budgeted to contribute each month. (Common Ministry helps to support the larger Brethren In Christ Church's ministry, including church planting, BIC World Missions, strengthening existing churches, providing denominational leadership.) The other half of what is given in this offering is shared with the missionaries sent out from our church, helping to care for them in their ministry.

This has been anything but a typical year... We have missed three of these quarterly offerings - March, May, and August. Some have asked about them, so we wanted to let you know that if you'd like to give toward this offering, you can do so at any time, either in our online giving portal or by check to the church.

An email was sent out last weekend containing the latest information about Life Groups and Study Groups which will be taking place this fall. In case you missed it, you can link to it here.

Most groups will be meeting online; those meeting in person will do so with the church's covid-safety-protocols (mask wearing, 6 ft. distancing, etc.).

We believe that an important aspect of our walk of faith is to learn and grow with others, so we hope you will consider joining a group! You can contact Pastor Woody if you have any questions about any of the groups. ...And if you'd like to lead or help lead a group in the future, contact Pastor Woody to discuss your interest.
Since we do not have a weekly worship service bulletin during this time, we are including a Schedule for the Week in this weekly email.

The following will be taking place during the week of September 13 to 19:

  • Sunday, 9 am - On-Line Worship Service (HBIC YouTube Channel)
  • Sunday, 9 am and 11 am - Worship Services (Lingle Park)
  • Sunday, 9 am and 11 am - Worship Service Livestream (HBIC YouTube Channel)
  • Sunday, 4 pm - In-Person Youth Group, Grades 6-12 (Lingle Park)
  • Monday, 4 pm - Creation Kids on Zoom (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, 11 am/noon - Viewing/Funeral Service for Della Taylor (HBIC Sanctuary)
  • Wednesday, 5:30 pm - Zoom Youth Group (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, 7:00 pm - Virtual Prayer Meeting (Zoom)
  • Thursday, 9 am - Mission of Mercy (CE Room)
  • Thursday, 4 pm - Creation Kids on Zoom (Zoom)
  • Saturday, 9:30 am - Men's Fellowship Hike (Boyds Big Tree Preserve)

If you'd like more information, contact any of the pastors or the church office. And please keep these groups, gatherings, and meetings in prayer this week as you pray for the church.

Beginning this Sunday, September 13th, our youth will be having in-person youth group at Lingle Park on Sundays from 4-5:30pm, combined for both Jr and Sr High. These outdoor gatherings will take place through the end of October. Contact Pastor Brie for more info!

Pastor Patty and some of our children's ministry volunteers are looking forward to hanging out with your children on Zoom, Monday and Thursday afternoons at 4 pm, catching up with one another, playing some games, and praying together. Contact Pastor Patty for the link that your child will need for these times of connection designed especially for kids.

We would like to support all of our youth during this pandemic. Realizing some will not opt for our in-person gatherings, we would like to welcome youth to join our continued Zoom Youth Group meetings! These will be held the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 5:30pm beginning September 16th. Youth who are able to join the Sunday in-person youth group gatherings are certainly welcome to hop online as well! Contact Pastor Brie with any questions...

All are invited to join us for a Virtual Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings on Zoom, 7 pm.

We hope to see you at this special gathering to pray for one another, our church, community, and world! Click on the purple button below to link to the Prayer Meeting. Contact Pastor Hank for more info.

To kick off the fall season, all men are invited to a special Saturday morning hike! We'll gather at 9:30 am at Boyds Big Tree Preserve, near Harrisburg, and spend some time together enjoying the outdoors. We hope you'll join us! Contact Tim Johnson or the church office for more information or to let Tim know that you'll be joining the hike.

Each week, the opening page of our church's website, HBIC.church, has the registration links for both the 9 am and the 11 am services! We are currently meeting at Lingle Park, through the end of September. (Click here to see our protocols for meeting together during this time of Covid-19.)

Please be sure to register by Saturday in order to help the staff to prepare the check-in list, etc. If you have any questions about our outdoor services, contact Pastor Hank or Pastor Lynda. We look forward to seeing you if you are able to join us at Lingle Park for our outdoor services!

On Sunday Sept 20th, the Children's Ministry Team is offering a Family Meet-Up at Lingle Park, 1:00 to 2:30 pm. We will have some organized games, masks, hand sanitizer and a time to be together. 

On Friday, September 25, our church will be a host site for a local Red Cross Blood Drive, 10 am to 3 pm, in the CE Room. We invite you to consider giving blood on that day if you are able! And watch for more details in the coming week!

All young adults are invited to a kayaking outing on Saturday, September 26th at 2 pm. Contact Pastor Brie for all of the details and to RSVP!

Looking for ways to spend some time outdoors? If you have some spare time and would like to do some weeding at the church property, help is definitely needed! And if you can help at all in the next few days, that would be especially appreciated as we prepare to host a funeral service this Wednesday.

To schedule a time to come and help out, contact Pastor Lynda . You can bring your own gloves and weeding tools if you have them, or we can provide what you need.

If you haven't yet submitted a photo for our church directory, please get one to Pastor Brie or Pastor Lynda this week! We want photos to use in-house, for both a printed version and a pdf version of our HBIC Church Directory. Thanks for your help!

Some changes are coming to all Zoom accounts... Starting September 27, Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled.

So don't be alarmed if you are put in a "waiting room" to start or if you're asked for a passcode. The leader of each meeting/gathering will keep an eye out for waiting room entries, and/or we will start providing passcodes with the links for meetings and gatherings. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Brie, who is managing our church's Zoom account and schedule.

As we receive job postings at the church, we are trying to pass them along, in case they'd be of help to you or someone you know.

Messiah University (note the name change effective July 1st) has openings - check them out on their website by clicking here.