An Electronic Newsletter by the Community of Christ known as Joy Lutheran Church

Our Mission Statement

We of Joy Lutheran Church foster
grace-filled relationships with Christ
through worship, fellowship, and service.

Gospel:  Mark 9:30-37
Three weeks ago we heard John's gospel's version of Peter's confession of faith. This week we hear Mark's version, when Peter says, "You are the Messiah." In John, the stumbling block is Jesus' invitation to eat his flesh, given for the life of the world. In Mark too the scandal has to do with Jesus' words about his own coming death, and here Peter himself stumbles over Jesus' words. But Jesus is anointed (the meaning of "messiah") in Mark only on the way to the cross (14:3); so we are anointed in baptism with the sign of the cross.

Other Joy-full News

Dear fellow members of Joy,

A reminder that we are having our second "congregation conversation" on Sunday following worship. The Council will give a short update on what we've done since first conversation in June, and then we invite discussion about how we can all contribute to making Joy a vibrant, vital congregation. See you there!

Henry Huntington, Council President

Seeking handy people...
Building on Wayne's eloquent acknowledgement last week, Bob was literally and figuratively the glue that held Joy's building together.  He chaired the monthly Men of Joy/Breakfast Club; curated the list of regular and emergency tasks; and knew where all the contractors could be found.
In his absence, we're trying to build a list of people and talents within our congregation and in the community.  Of special and immediate need is a general handyman we can call when we have something that needs fixing immediately. 
If you know of someone reliable or would like to personally volunteer, please contact Jan (Joy's office manager) or Nancy Hemsath. 

In the meantime, the Breakfast Club/Men of Joy will live on, meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month for breakfast and routine chores, things for which we're all qualified: changing lightbulbs and furnace filters, etc.  Please join us!

Prayer Chain Updates and Requests
Hello everyone, Jennifer Moore and Kathie Adams will be sharing the responsibilities for the Prayer Chain. We ask that you bear with us as we tread this new ground. If you are the contact for or know the contact for anyone on the current prayer concerns list please let us know. We will have more information on how we will conduct these duties in the coming weeks. Please feel free to reach out to either of us if you have the need for prayer or if there is a concern weighing heavy on your heart. We will do our best to forward the information necessary to the prayer warriors, who will lift you and your concerns up to our Lord. 

Prayer requests can be public (placed in the bulletin) or private, your request can be anonymous to the prayer warriors or not, this ministry is truly custom fit to the needs of the person.  This is vital ministry to our faith family. Please let us know if you would like to participate as a member of the prayer chain. This is something you can do from your home, as you wake to greet the day, while your breakfast cooks, on your commute to work, as you brush your teeth or as you lay down your head for the nights rest. We've set up a new email account, to use to receive prayer requests and updates.

Jennifer Moore                  Kathleen (Kathie) Adams
907-444-0481                  907-350-3061

Confirmation Instruction Beginning Soon
We doing a new thing with Confirmation instruction this year.  We will still be working with Table of Grace Lutheran in Bethel and using computer video technology to connect with their students.  The change comes in that they also have a new part-time pastor, Ron Rucker, who travels to Bethel on the third Sunday of each month. Pastor Ron will be a co-instructor with Pastor Martin and we thought it would be good to have at least one of the sessions happen when he is in Bethel with his kids.

Our plan is to have Conformation twice a month, on first and third Sundays starting at noon and ending about 1:30. Ron will join us in person on the first Sunday, and by video conference on the third.  We plan to begin on Sunday, October 7th at noon.

Many of folks have schedules that make Wednesday evenings difficult to attend and while not all Sundays may be clear either, we are hoping that moving the day will allow most of us to attend most of the time. We've noted that the Anchorage congregations have had better results with a Sunday time. 

"God's Work. Our Hands" Sunday, Sept. 30
At Joy, we have dedicated each fifth Sunday (there are four each year) to be a, "Sunday of Service."  On these days, we will gather at our normal worship time for a shorter worship service, then go out into our community to work together in hands-on service to God's people and God's creation. 
In July, we cleaned and prepared hiking trails at The Eagle River Nature Center.  On Sunday, September 30th, we will help our community by picking up trash along the road near us.  After all our service, we'll gather back at the church building for a warm lunch to refresh our bodies and to exchange stories of our adventures. 

On that Sunday, please feel free to "dress down" for worship!  Wear your Joy T-shirt (whatever vintage you prefer) and work clothes.  While Pastor will do what he can to pray for great weather, but it is late September in Alaska, so we should also be prepared for some precipitation.   

Come, have some fun, as we work together and share God's work with our hands!

Blessing of the Pets
Joy Lutheran Church
10111 E. Eagle River Lp. Rd.
Sunday, October 7th at 11:00 am
Rain or Shine

All people and their pets are welcome!

Pets must be on a leash or in a carrier.

Stuffed animals and pictures of your pet are also welcome.

There will be treats for both people and pets and an opportunity to have your picture taken with your pet.  

Community Info:  Anchorage Library Survey

The Library is working on a strategic plan for 2019-21 to help us deliver the best service to our community.
We're especially interested in hearing from Alaska Native individuals so that your voice is heard in the process. Please take our 10-minute survey to share your thoughts:
We want to know--Where do you think our community is headed? What skills will our community members need to be successful in the future?
Your feedback will be used to create a plan that is grounded in data and community input. This will help us focus our programs and services in the areas of greatest community need.
Learn more about the plan at:
Thank you!
Anchorage Public Library
Strategic Planning Team

Coming Week's Calendar
Sunday, Sept. 23
9:30 AM
10:45 AM
6:00 PM
Congregation Conversation with the Church Council
Boy Scout Troop 219
Monday, Sept. 24 6:30 PM
Narcotics Anonymous
Sept. 25
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
Narcotics Anonymous - Upper Narthex
Chugiak Girl's Choir - Sanctuary
Alcoholics Anonymous
Wed., Sept. 26
6:30 PM
Narcotics Anonymous

Sept. 27
6:30 PM
Narcotics Anonymous - Upper Narthex
Alcoholics Anonymous
Sept. 28
6:30 PM
Narcotics Anonymous
Sept. 29
6:30 PM
Narcotics Anonymous
Next Week:
Sunday, Sept. 30
9:30 AM
10:15 AM
6:00 PM

"Sundays for Service" Community Clean-up - lunch at Joy after
Boy Scout Troop 219

Weekly Worship Assistant Schedule
Please take a moment to consider serving in one of our 
Worship Assistant positions.   
Thanks for your service throughout the year!

New Shooting Range Honors Ted Smith

Wednesday, Sept. 12, the Anchorage Police Department (APD) officially opened its new shooting range and named it The Ted R. Smith Tactical Training Facility for Law Enforcement.
The name is in honor and memory of retired APD Sergeant Ted R. Smith. Sergeant Smith invested many years of work ensuring APD and all of Alaska Law Enforcement are prepared and maintain the highest levels of proficiency and knowledge in the use of tactics towards the preservation of life. He persisted to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Alaska by working with local, state and federal officials to improve their standards and proficiency relating to the use of force and response to resistance they encounter. His efforts to enhance community relations by presenting information to groups and individuals was unparalleled. Sergeant Smith died in 2013.
"There is no one who has done more to enhance the tactical training programs at APD than Retired Sergeant Ted Smith" said Chief Justin Doll.

The new 22-acre training facility took six years to complete thanks to funding from the State of Alaska and the Anchorage Assembly. It consists of a Range House with classrooms, restrooms, and storage and office space inside. Four ranges (300 yard, 150 yard and two 50 yards) were built for law enforcement to use. Placed throughout the ranges are 40 benches designed and built by members of the Anchorage Police Citizens Academy Alumni.
The Ted R. Smith Tactical Training Facility for Law Enforcement is located in Birchwood.

They're  heeeere...

Do you need to up your style game?  
 Our new Joy Lutheran t-shirts are here! You're welcome and encouraged to wear them for Joy's group service events, and everywhere you want to dress to impress! 

We have many adult and youth sizes still available. They are $20.

The Joy of Reading Book Club

Book Club meets the 3rd Monday of the month for a light dinner and book discussion. 

Our next meeting is October 15 and the book is The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood.  Karen Johnson will be hosting and the meting will start around 6:30PM.

All are welcome; you don't even have to have read the book!  It's fun, it's social and it's lively!