Thank you to Pat Badger for today's Hot Off the Pres!

Pat shares, "I was reminded of this blessing, written by my friend, Geoff Eysenbach. For many years Geoff was a member of The Clearing Recorder Class where I teach each summer.

Geoff died this past Tuesday as a result of the coronavirus.

Along with zesty humor, Geoff had a deep sense of the spiritual. One Friday evening he shared A Journeying Blessing in the tradition of the Celts, which he had created himself. I asked for a copy. I still have Geoff's handwritten letter and the blessing copy he sent to me - and I think of him each time I read it. Geoff writes: 'Anyone could and would bless others. It was not a matter of the priest only having the authority to do so. Such is the tradition.'"

"A Journeying Blessing in the tradition of the Celts"
by Geoff Eysenbach

The Creator of all will attend thee
On every mile of road and path,
Alone and accompanied,
With your eye open and closed
The Creator attend thee.

May the Lover of love
Keep thee from all malice,
Sadness and sorrow.
From evil eye and anguish,
Ache and illness
May the Lover shield thee.

The wonder of Love be with thee, I ask,
Enfolding thee on every side;
Love be with thee above and below,
Behind, beside and afore
Journeying with thee.

Spirit never abandons the traveler
Neither by eye nor ear nor tongue,
Foot nor hand will the Spirit
Let evil come anigh to thee.

Then be every season happy for thee
And every season bright for thee
And every season glad for thee

Now peace within you in every pass
Peace within you on every hill
Joy within you in every breath
Joy within you in every breath
For evermore.

These long secluded days can make life stressful at times.
This message is to help you slow things down and reflect on
what is truly important. Join us in discovering the power of
prayer, so that we may all reap the benefits of a spiritual life.

A moment's thought:
“I am so thankful that I have a joy that the world can not rob me of; I have a treasure that the world can not take from me; I have something that is not in the power of man or devil to deprive me of, and that is the joy of the Lord.”
Dwight L. Moody

A simple prayer:
Dear God, You have said in Your Word that if we lack wisdom You will give generously to all those who ask. I pray that You would give me wisdom to discern what is bad and wisdom to seek after that which is good, for Your praise and glory,

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