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December 17, 2020
Advent Bible Study on ZOOM
Joy is not cancelled!
Thursday, December 17 @ 7 pm
Christmas Eve Worship Service
Our service will premiere on GLC's YouTube channel
on December 24 @ noon. Watch anytime!
Pastor Trudy's Sunday Message
Joy is not cancelled. This week we have an angel, promises of babies, friends seeing each other and some prophetic wisdom to remind us who is in charge when things get challenging. Sounds like we are pretty much covered. When we hear the rest of the story of these people, though, we will see that this happiness and warm feelings come in the midst of pain and challenges. Now that is where Joy really begins.  

God, too often we settle for momentary happiness instead of leaning in to the struggles that can lead us to deep and abiding joy, which comes from knowing that you are with us, and because of that, nothing is impossible. In Jesus' name, Amen.

9:00 am LivestreamGLC YouTube
Worship Materials: Worship Folder & God's Story, Our Story
Children's Bulletins: Ages 3+ & Ages 7+
ZOOM Coffee Hour
Sunday, December 20 @ 10:00 am
Let's gather for a cup of coffee and show us your Christmas decorations at the ZOOM coffee hour. #joyisnotcancelled
ZOOM Sunday School Christmas Program
and Birthday Party for Jesus!
Sunday, December 20 @ 10:15 am
Our first-ever virtual Sunday School Christmas program will premiere on YouTube this Sunday, and our annual birthday party for Jesus will take place via ZOOM this year. We'll also watch the Christmas program during the birthday party, and then it will be available on the YouTube channel to be viewed and shared any time! We'll celebrate on ZOOM!
This time of year is hard. What can I do to stay strong in my faith? I take comfort in knowing that I'm not the first person who has faced difficult things. One of the Psalms that helps me to do this is Psalm 69. Here is part of it from 'Psalms for Praying' by Nan C. Merrill. 'I am exhausted from weeping; I thirst as in a desert...More in number than the hairs of my head are the fears that I carry...What must I do, O Merciful One, to be at peace again?...Let me humble my soul with mind fasting; O Beloved, create within me a clean heart.' The Psalmist accompanies us through a journey through the hard things, ultimately leading us back to a place of compassion for ourselves and the world. And this, the whole thing, becomes our act of praise. 
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TO DONATE WITH A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: Text 630-528-2407 with a dollar amount

Please call Lisa @ 331-248-6699 or send her an email if you have any questions about your donations.
Celebrate the Advent Season

Thursday, December 17 @ 7 pm

Saturday, December 19 @ 5 pm

Wednesday, December 23 @ 8 pm
Geneva Lutheran Serving Our Community
Lazarus House - St. Andrew - Northern Illinois Food Bank
Alex, Jack, and Reese prepared part of the the meal for Lazarus House and delivered it too!
A team from GLC served at Northern Illinois Food Bank this week where Bob Sobie was found in a box! Is that like Elf on a Shelf?
The Autenrieth family assembly line gets those lunches packed for Lazarus House!
Lots of joy at St. Andrew food packing. Lots of heart potatoes found and voting for favorites took place. The triple heart took FIRST place. Yes, one potato—the Trinity of God!
GLC Virtual Advent Calendar -- Stay Grounded, Stay Connected
Follow along with the GLC Virtual Advent Calendar! Each day we see and hear from a different member(s) of the GLC community! It's a meaningful way to stay grounded in faith and connected to each other in this season of Advent. It's not too late to participate—you'll see ALL the videos on the GLC YouTube Channel.
We Lift up in Prayer
Please email Amy Steenson or call (630) 232-0165 if you would like to add a name to the prayer list. Submitted names will remain on the prayer list for two weeks.
  • Curt Sriver, Katie Bailey's dad
  • Jen Liedberg, friend of the Kanzler family
  • Tom and Barbara Noble
  • For people celebrating the holidays differently
  • For people who are separated from family
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • Front line workers
  • Teachers, students, and families
  • Pastors
  • All those with COVID-19
  • Prayers of gratitude for what we do have
In our prayers especially this week:
  • The Olcott and Fels families at the death of Amy and Holly's mother, Muriel Weigel. Read her obituary.

  • The Hopkins family at the death of Nicole's father, Edward Mitchell. Read his obituary.
GLC Prayer Chain
This is a confidential telephone network ministry that intercedes on behalf of those in need by lifting up specific requests, concerns, and emergency situations. To request prayer, please call Sally Harmon (630) 377-0021.
Notes from the GLC community
To the members of Geneva Lutheran Prayer Shawl Ministry: Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer shawl and all the prayers that were said for me. I am truly blessed to have so many friends at Geneva Lutheran.
 Fondly, Dolly Besler
On behalf of Bishop Curry and the Metro Chicago Synod. Thank you for the faithful and generous sharing of benevolence by your congregation. The Synod acknowledges receipt of your giving. Benevolence is one way we are church together. It's essential to who we are as the MCS. Thank you for your continued partnership in God's mission. Blessings, Heather
Bible Study on ZOOM
Thursday, December 17 @ 9:30 am
We're discussing Waking up White by Debby Irving. 
Northern Illinois Food Bank
Wednesday, January 20 @ 9 am
GLC Life in Pictures
Second grader Gunnar Litland wears his super power Batman mask to do remote learning at home. BAM! #hopeisnotcancelled
Our middle schoolers are are participating in a ‘secret santa’ Christmas treat exchange. Evie Fay is on her way to deliver hers. Looks delicious! #loveisnotcancelled
Newborn Nathan Estes is swaddled in prayers and a GLC baby blanket! Congratulations to the Estes family on welcoming boy #4!
Send your pictures of how you are living your #generouslifeinChrist to Margo. Thank you!