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Jan 25 & 26, 2017
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National Office has a resource for credit professionals, called the Knowledge Centre.

The Knowledge Centre is an accumulation of important information, articles and advice for credit professionals.

You can also renew your membership and update your PD on that page. You just need your CIC log in credentials and you are off to the races!


December 2016

December is always a great month for family and friendship. I take great joy in spending time reconnecting, and reminiscing about times past and looking forward to the future. Our profession also has a strong past and vibrant future.

Our Spotlight  today talks about something we celebrate every year just before Christmas, our CCP and Credit Specialist graduates! In News from the Profession  we look at an article about experience versus skill when hiring new staff.

On behalf of the Manitoba Chapter I wish you and yours the peace, happiness and joy of the Christmas season, and a wonderful New Year.


A Social Media Moment

There are 3.17 billion Internet users, and each one of them has (on average) 5.5 social media accounts. There are 12 new social media users added each second.

( source)
Grad 2016

On November 13th, 2016 the Manitoba Chapter gathered at Dalnavert Museum to celebrate our 2016 graduates from the CCP and Credit Specialist programs.

If you have any suggestions for other seminar speakers or topics, please let us know!
National offers webinars from time to time, and you can always check their  webinar schedule  for current and archived webinars.

Check out National's latest seminar on cost cutting in your organization, HERE.

Your Seminar Chair is Debbie Baines, CCP

Membership both in Manitoba and nationally is strong. In Manitoba we have 105 members, 11 more members than this time last year. Nationally membership has risen to 1,797 members, up by 38 from 1,759 this time last year. 

Your Membership Chair is Preeti Kapur, CCP

We are always looking for great ideas for getting together with Chapter members. If you have a thought why not share it? Drop me an email by clicking on my name!

Your Social Chair is Karla Cullen, CCP

National is busy preparing for the Vancouver conference this coming June. They have also completed (or just about) the revision of the new website - it has been a busy time!

Additionally my term as the Chapter's National Chair will end this year, and I want to thank the membership and my board colleagues for their support throughout my term. 

This marks the beginning of the changes agreed to at the last AGM, and the new National Chair will represent not just one Chapter but a region that will include both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

An election for our new National Chair will be held at the AGM this June.

Your National Chair is Barb Harris, CCP

Our financial position is strong and our results are in line with budget to date. We expect that the year will be a good one for the Chapter.

You can always see our past audited financial statements on our website, HERE .

Your Treasurer is Jean Grenier, BAA, CCP

Employee Fit More Important than Skill?

In a past blog ( this one) we commented that it makes the most sense to treat all employees with respect. 

In this article the writer, a millenial, argues that labeling young workers as "millenials" is a disservice - he is right, in fact, labeling anyone and then treating them differently might even get an employer into legal difficulties.

His article makes the argument that values and experience matter more than skills. It is not a new argument, and the choice between fit and skill is always a tough balance for employers. What do you think? 

Read the article HERE.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to give back to your profession and your community? There are volunteer opportunities in the Manitoba Chapter!

The Communications Chair is responsible for drafting routine correspondence for the board and President; responding to member queries; and preparing job opportunity emails and contributing to/preparing the bi-monthly newsletter.

Directors are board members without portfolio, and comprise the majority of the board. They work within the board to help ensure the success of board plans and activities.

See the terms of reference of these and other positions HERE

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