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Joyce Wilkins Pollison appointed to DirectorFebruary 19, 2013



I am pleased to announce that Joyce Wilkins Pollison has joined Lenders Compliance Group.

Joyce joins us as a Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance. 

In this position, she will focus on assisting clients who need guidance with respect to mortgage acts and practices associated with originating loans throughout the loan flow process.

Joyce has considerable experience in mortgage compliance, with nearly 20 years experience in both commercial transactions and litigation.

She has counseled clients on applicable federal and state industry laws and regulations, including CRA, fair lending, TILA, RESPA, ECOA, HMDA, FCRA, privacy concerns, and similar matters. She has experience in identifying risks, and developing, reviewing, and editing procedures and policies to assure regulatory compliance. Joyce is admitted to the NY and NJ bars.

I know that Joyce will bring new insights, knowledge, and experience in connection with our mission to provide reliable mortgage compliance guidance to our clients. 

Best wishes,
Jonathan Foxx
President & Managing Director 


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Jonathan Foxx
President and
Managing Director




 Contact Joyce Pollison
Email: Joyce Pollison

Office: 516-442-3456 x 122


About Joyce Wilkins Pollison
I'd like to tell you about Joyce. She is a business-oriented lawyer with a sterling reputation for professionalism and integrity, a grounded work ethic, and a dedication to excellence in every endeavor.

In addition to the above attributes, Joyce brings seasoned business and legal judgment, a track record of using innovation, common sense and people skills to produce beneficial results, and an attitude of not taking "no" for an answer when only a "yes" will do.

Joyce is experienced in mortgage banking and commercial lending, which includes drafting forms and disclosures, corporate governance, researching and analyzing mortgage banking regulations, drafting policies to ensure compliance, and negotiating and closing mortgage loans.

Her diverse professional skills and qualifications allow her to make an immediate and valuable contribution to our clients.

I would add that she brings to our firm a multifaceted set of skills: 
  • The ability to efficiently manage, plan and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, often under heavy deadline pressure, and to produce very positive outcomes;
  • Proven skills in research, investigation and analysis, and in implementing creative yet practical solutions to complex business and legal problems; and,
  • Well-honed advocacy and negotiation skills, an ability to communicate effectively across all levels of an organization, and the finesse to achieve a successful result for our clients.

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the skill set and dedication that Joyce will provide!  

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