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  • Donors challenge Bessie's Hope to match gifts
  • Bowling 2017 Fun for All---See photos
Youth and Elders Program
Every week, members of the Louisville Middle School choir have been visiting their grandpartners at Juniper Village at Louisville.  Choral Director, Brian Gonzales, and his students have cultivated many special friendships with the residents at Juniper Village. In addition to their weekly visits, the elders enjoyed attending a choral concert at the school.  Youth and elders have fun composing thank yous and creating drawings for their Bessie's Hope sponsors.  Call 303-830-9037 to find out how you can sponsor a youth and elder group.
Bessie's Hope provides for volunteers of all ages, preschool through adult, education and training to ensure comfortable, successful and meaningful interaction with elders of all levels of cognitive functioning, including advanced Alzheimer's Disease.  Bessie's Hope also provides the coordination between volunteers and elder care communities, scheduling group visits, placing families and individuals; facilitation of visits; activity materials; activity planning; Group Leader Training; program evaluation; ongoing support. 

We are grateful to our volunteers.  We are grateful to our donors and grantors, who enable us to serve a few thousand elders and youth each year. In an effort to help Bessie's Hope create a solid base of ongoing "predictable income", we were fortunate this year to have individuals challenge Bessie's Hope to match their gifts. THANK YOU, Robert and Judi Newman, Pat Robinson and Dean Singleton for collectively contributing a matching gift of $10,000 to incentivize our monthly donor campaign (Bridge Builders),  AND THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, we met the challenge!  We continue to grow our very important Bridge Builders.  Please go to Bridge Builders to set up monthly donations or call Phillip at 303-830-9457.
An anonymous donor has also challenged Bessie's Hope with a matching gift of $100,000 to incentivize the growth of our base of Major Gift Donors of $1,000 and above.
  For information, please call 303-830-9037 or email 
14th Annual Bowl-a-Rama was Fun for All

Thank you, Rotary Clubs, for being the Presenting Sponsor for the event.  Pictured are Bill and Debbie Watson, owners of Prime Time for Seniors newspaper, with their grandchildren. Perfect family event!  Bowling, pizza, prizes, awards, laughter for 2 hrs!
Community and Elders Program
A program designed for corporate groups, civic and community organizations, and churches, volunteers experience team-building, life-changing, heartwarming community service.  Featured in this newsletter is the partnership Bessie's Hope has with Mile High Youth Corps, which works with young adults, 17 - 24.  Most of the participants are 20 - 24.  Also featured are residents at Chateau des Mons Assisted Living. Pictured, a young woman and elder working together on a word search puzzle. 
Click for more photos of this group.
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to get your corporation or organization involved at your own time frame!

Family and Elders Program

In this program, individuals and families "adopt" elders and visit on their own schedules. If you want to make a significant difference in someone's life, contact Bessie's Hope.
Featured is a very special relationship between volunteer, Sufi, and Betty, one of the elders she's adopted at Briarwood Health Care Center.
From Sufi: "As a society we throw away our seniors when they are truly the magic in this world. It has been effortless to make time a few hours of the week to make someone's day, who has lost so many people they love in their life. I am truly overjoyed I found Bessie's hope. "   

Donations Made in Memory

Dusty Biddle (Donna Bernklau)
Nadine Brenton (Jennifer Brenton)
Laurel and Lyall Dillon (Dr. Patty Meek)
Marion Fisher (Sandra Walling)
Mary Jane Henderson (Anonymous)
Laurel Henry (Judy & Stan Smerey)
Koppes, Schaeffer Grandparents (Schaeffer Family)
Don & Ellen Long (Sheila Long)
Elvie Metcalf (Susan Ciazza)
Nancy Murray (Jenny & Greg Garner)
Wanda  Stiny  Gordon  (Darleen Stiny)
Al White (Hildegard White)
Lillian Wolf (Bruce Wolff)
Donations Made in Honor

LaFawn Biddle (Brenda Olson)
LaFawn Biddle & Arlene Johnson (Leo & Susan Kiely)
Eve Cole (Jeff Cole)
Terri & Al Fisher (Mr. & Mrs George Johnson)
Terri & Al Fisher (Terry Vitale)
Ann O'Neill (Brandi Williamson)
Our Mothers (The Bazo Family)
Mabel (Woody) Renzetti (Patricia Renzetti)
Pat Robinson (Barry & Arlene Hirschfeld)
Melvin & Carole Russell (Brent & Sandra Doll)
Shirley Seliger (Pam Cirbo)
Peggy Shelton (Linda Holloway)
Richard Stephenson (D. H. Meitus)
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