Known Joys & Concerns
for the week of
May 30, 2021
Please send your joys and concerns to 
Pastor Paul, Parish Nurse Chris Zaineddin, and/or 
the Church Office for including in Joys and Concerns 
on the next Sunday morning and weekly listing. 
We will record these to publish in the weekly Joys and Concerns update and will include them in our announcement during the service.
Lord, we join the Psalmist in praying “Lord, come to my assistance — O Lord, make haste to help me!” [Psalm 70:1].

We are quick to turn to you for assistance, for we know that it is in you that both we and those for whom we pray are held in tender mercy. May our prayers rise before you as incense and may we join you in the noble work of caring for all. In Christ we pray. Amen.
We celebrate and give thanks for:
  • All of the out of town and local Zoom visitors who join us each Sunday.
  • Pastor Paul, Pastor Alan, Jen Pierce, Ed Yasick; Special music: Alan Ward; Usher: Russell Diggs; Graphics: Su Johnson; Tech: Ken Worsham and John Campbell for this week’s church service.
We pray for:

  • Wayne and Fay Honeycutt’s son, Craig, who has been hospitalized and is currently undergoing tests, and also for Fay's younger brother, Randy Chandler, who is recovering admirably from reconstructive jaw surgery.
We continue to pray for:

  • Robert Rackley, who is dealing with chronic illness.
Those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • All people in our nation, around the world and especially Viet Nam, who are dealing with the impact of COVID-19.
Those in hospice care:

  • Donna Amentt’s Aunt Dorothy Floyd
Those walking a cancer journey:

  • Stella Whitlock
  • Lisa Wilbourne
  • Lynn, Betty Boyd’s step-brother
  • Rosemary, Carolyn Davis’s sister
  • Henry Haines, JerryLyn Luckie’s family member
  • Connie, Russell Diggs’s mother
  • Alice, Barbara Nelson’s sister
  • Gene and Charlotte, Lisa Ward's father and mother
  • Roberta, Janet Robinette’s cousin
  • Johnny, Suzie Carfley's grandson
  • Amanda DeSalle, Suzie Carfley’s friend
  • Alexi, Carolyn Davis’s friend
  • Bob, Paul Lang’s friend
  • Dave Yeats, Carolyn Clark’s friend
  • Muriel, Sue Harley’s friend
  • Jason Brannock, the Weinbrechts’ friend
  • Katie Turner, JerryLyn Luckie’s friend
  • Martha, Diane Garber's friend
  • Drew, David Shouse’s friend
  • Sandi Williams, Donna Adkins’s friend
  • Mollie, Nancy Neubauer's friend
  • Jack Clark, Barbara and John Harvey’s friend
  • Tim Bohn, Mike Boyd’s friend
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