FPC Jr. Highs,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone was able to rest and stay healthy over the break. I keep having to remind myself that even though we have moved on to 2021 the big elephant in the room (COVID) still is hanging around. Not that I expected it to "poof" go away, but a girl can dream!

With that said, we are waiting to start youth group until January 24th and the format is going to look a little different. We will be breaking up into small groups, with each group having it's own focus, and you will be able to sign up for the group that you are interested in. All groups will still be meeting outside. More information will be coming out next week, so be on the look out.

We will still be meeting for Sunday School. Woohoo! This week it will be at 9am, due to the Sunday worship service being livestreamed at 10. Otherwise, it should be back to 10am.

I miss your faces and REALLY hope to see you all soon!

Peace and Perspective,
Jenny Hines

P.S. Wednesday Night Suppers will resume next week on 1/13

Jr. High Sunday School 1/10
Front Porch Overhang
*9-9:50 Sunday

Let us know you are coming! Remember your mask and chair. Individually wrapped breakfast items will be provided. 
First Presbyterian Church | Email | 322-6343| www.hickoryfpc.org