Jubilee Christmas is HERE! This Saturday.
Wes's Weekly Wrap Up - Jubilee Christmas
In this edition of Wes's Weekly Wrap Up, Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, reflects on the impact of Jubilee Christmas — happening this Saturday — all over the community. Please take 59 seconds to watch the video — and share with others.
Bells will Ring for Jubilee Christmas 2020
This Saturday, you will hear BELLS RINGING from churches across the county in celebration of LUM Jubilee Christmas. When you hear them ringing you will know that close to 1,500 local children have just been given the gift of CHRISTMAS.

Thirty local churches will host 25 separate events serving 525 local families impacting close to 1,500 local children. This year due to COVID-19, most Jubilee Christmas sites are curbside events, following strict protocols approved by the Tippecanoe County Health Department.

If you are participating or made a donation this year, THANK YOU! And, Merry Christmas!
Two Special Gifts to Jubilee Christmas
Couple Donates $10,000 to Feed Local Families
A local couple, who wish to remain anonymous, made a donation to LUM of $10,000 to feed local families who are struggling. They met with Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, to make sure that their donation would be distributed soon, go to local families in need and direct these families to a place in town to eat. The donor shared that, "It's Christmas time, the happiest time of the year and we wanted help in some way." As a result, this Saturday each of the 525 families registered for Jubilee Christmas will be receiving, in addition to toys for their children, a $15-$20 gift certificate to this couple's favorite restaurant Lafayette Brewing Co. Their gift will not only feed 525 families with 1,500 children but will also support a family-owned & operated, downtown business. During their visit with Wes, the couple kept coming back to the passage, "When did we see you hungry?" (Matthew 25:31-46). Such a powerful, generous, thoughtful gift from an amazingly supportive local couple. Join us in thanking them. {Please note: the LBC gift certificates may be used for carry-out or dine-in, for food & nonalcoholic beverages only, and are redeemable for up to one year. Plus, kids eat free on Sundays.}
Central Catholic Junior High Students Support LUM
The Central Catholic Junior High Student Council sponsored a "Spirit Day" fundraiser (students pay to not wear their uniforms) and chose LUM & Jubilee Christmas as the recipient. They raised $638.76, which will be used to assist the Jubilee Christmas events at the Catholic churches the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Lawrence, St. Mary Cathedral, and St. Thomas Aquinas. The student council members are also baking cookies for the Jubilee Christmas families at St. Thomas Aquinas. Please join us in thanking these junior high school student leaders for their generosity and commitment to helping others.
Port of Hope 2020 - Most Successful Ever
$96,548 Raised for the LUM Immigration Clinic
The fifth annual Port of Hope raised $96,582.62 for the LUM Immigration Clinic. Despite COVID-19, the Port of Hope fundraiser was the most successful one yet.
The Port of Hope team began re-imagining this important fundraiser months in advance and created a variety of exciting experiences. To create more excitement and get more advocates engaged, there were two additional events that led up to the main event — Who’s That Masked Donor? and the PoH Scavenger Hunt. The main event was the Port of Hope Virtual Experience. Participants joined the event online and were treated to a performance by Clave Caribe, Zumba lesson with Carlitos Centellas, and a cooking demonstration by Aparna Puri interspersed with client and volunteer interviews highlighting the positive impact of the LUM Immigration Clinic in our community. It was an upbeat, exciting Virtual Experience that is now available to view online. At the end of this article are links to Port of Hope Virtual Experience as well as videos with Nohemi Lugo, Hispanic Advocate for the YWCA Domestic Violence Program, and Drs. Ketan and Tenuja Sheth, the donors behind the $30,000 matching grant. If you have been to any of the live Port of Hope events you will want to click on the Port of Hope Photo Montage as well.
A big part of the success of this year’s Port of Hope was due to the generosity of the Sheth Family. Drs. Ketan & Tanuja Sheth have offered a $30,000 Match Donation.” As an immigrant and the child of immigrants themselves, Ketan and Tanuja understand the importance of quality immigration services being available to those most in need and are passionate about the impact the LUM Immigration Clinic has on our community. 
Thanks also to the Port of Hope Event Sponsors. These businesses and individuals generously gave to the LUM Immigration Clinic, so please show them your support. 

Immigration Clinic Playlist (click to view):
All funds raised support the continued mission of the LUM Immigration Clinic. If you weren’t able to attend, your donation would still be greatly appreciated.