On April 21, 2010, Clark County Superior Court Judge Diane M. Woolard, based upon new DNA testing by Innocence Project Northwest, overturned the 1993 rape convictions of Larry Davis and Alan Northrop. On July 14, 2010, prosecutors officially dismissed the charges against the two men. The two men were innocent and had spent 17 years of their lives locked up for a crime they did not commit. 

Judge Woolard watched Judge Heavey's presentation to the Exchange Club of Downtown Honolulu. In the presentation Heavey explains why wrongful convictions happen, the Wrongful Conviction Climate, psychological drivers, confirmation bias and the power tools of Noble Cause Corruption.

Judge Woolard, now retired, says, "Based upon my experience in the Davis and Northrop wrongful convictions, Mike's presentation on the reasons why wrongful convictions happen is accurate. His presentation is a must see for anyone interested in understanding how these grave injustices happen."

The December 13, 2018, presentation is entitled, 

The Murder of Dana Ireland and the Pathology of Wrongful Convictions

It is 33 minutes long and has three main segments.

The first segment (00:00 to 15:20) discusses the crime and why it is an obvious wrongful conviction of three innocent men.

The second segment (15:21 to 26:40) discusses how wrongful convictions happen, the Wrongful Conviction Climate, the psychological drivers, tunnel vision/confirmation bias and the power tools of "Noble Cause Corruption."

The third segment (26:41 to 33:29) discusses what Judges for Justice is doing, the why and how of it, and ends with an invitation to the viewer to join the Bucket Brigade for Innocence.

It is best to use headphones, the audio is of low volume and there are irritating background noises in the first few minutes from people eating lunch and Holiday parties at the Oahu Country Club. The background distractions are almost gone by eight minutes or so. The sound begins at about 15 seconds.

To watch this important presentation click  here .

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It is not our intent to criticize any participants in this matter - past or present. Error happens, when recognized it is progress toward truth.
Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.)
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“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”

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