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Spring 2019 Flash Fiction Contest Update  
Thank you for entering the Spring season! Here's your updated judging schedule.
Dear writer,

Thank you for entering WOW’s Spring 2019 Flash Fiction Contest! We know that you've been waiting patiently since the contest closed on June 1st, so we wanted to check in and provide you with an update of where we are in the judging process. (We're also trying to be better with contest updates!) The contest opened on March 1 and closed June 1, and we are more than halfway through First Round Judging. If you are receiving this email that means your story was accepted in the contest and is currently with judges. Hooray! 

First Round Judging is the most intensive round of judging. Eight judges are evaluating stories on subject, content, and technical. The schedule is below. We hope to have completed First Round Judging by the first week of July. Thank you for trusting us with your work.
We had a great turnout for the Spring season. There were exactly 300 entries (we closed the payment button down at 300). This is the first year in a long time that we’ve been hitting our maximum limit. That tells us that writers are excited about writing flash! We love the art form, and enjoy reading the work of so many talented writers. We know that entering a writing contest is not easy, and we applaud you for putting your work out there! Please know that we carefully carefully read your stories many times during the judging process.
Spring 2019 Judging Schedule:
(Note: These are estimates. We hope to have it all completed sooner!)

7/7/19: First Round Judging will be completed no later than July 7, 2019.

7/10/19: Email sent to contestants with stories that are moving on to the finals. Stories that move on to Final Judging are those that score high in First Round Judging. If you do not receive an email notifying you that your story is moving on to the finals, then unfortunately it did not advance. We will also post a list of Finalists on our Contest Page under “Previous Winners & Updates.”

At this time, if your story has made it to the Finals, it will be judged by literary agent Savannah Brooks with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. More about your guest judge for the season below.

7/11/19: Critiques are sent back to writers that purchased a critique. If you purchased a critique, you will receive a written critique back as a Word document or PDF (depending on the editor's preferences). The editor will critique your story in all three categories (subject, content, and technical), as well as "overview," which is a non-scoring category but contains personal comments from the critiquing editor. You will also receive a copy of your scores in all categories, which are averaged from all judges.

7/25/19: Final round judging is complete by literary agent Savannah Brooks. Additionally, we send an email to the Top Ten finalists asking for their bios/photos. As soon as we receive them, we begin to assemble the contest winners' page for publication. 

8/5/19: Results and top ten stories are published no later than the first week of August, and prizes are sent to winners.

We personally know how hard it is to wait! You can always check our contest page for updates. We post updates under the “Previous Winners & Updates” section of the page when a task is completed. You'll see the date and the task that was completed (e.g. 7/8 First Round Judging complete).

If you have any questions, please check out the Spring Contest Guidelines and FAQ or email us at with "Contest Question" in your email subject line.

Good luck in judging!
Final Judge: Literary Agent Savannah Brooks
Final Judging: Final judging will be conducted by WOW editors and our honorable guest judge for the season, literary agent Savannah Brooks with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.

Savannah's bio: Savannah Brooks joined the Jennifer De Chiara team in 2018, after interning for a year and a half. She's a nonfiction MFA candidate at Hamline University and earned her BS in marketing management from Virginia Tech. As well as agenting, she works as an editor at Red Bird Chapbooks, a teaching artist at the Loft Literary Center, and a reader for multiple literary magazines. Her own creative work has been publishing in Barely South Review, Hobart, Lime Hawk, and Every Writer's Resource, among others. When not immersed in the world of words, she can be found on her motorcycle, at her boxing gym, or lounging at one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. She lives in the most beautiful literary capital: Saint Paul.

What Savannah's looking for in book manuscripts:

For YA, I'm interested in books that focus on friendship, conflicting identity, and the theme of truth. I’m always drawn in by a protagonist venturing into a realm where society says they don’t belong (think swapping gender norms), and characters with weird obsessions are a weird obsession of mine—teach me strange new things, and I’m yours. I’m all about magical realism, mythology, and modern retellings, but I’m not the best fit for high fantasy or science fiction. Mostly, I’m invested in representing the diverse world in which we live and would like to see that reflected in a cast of characters. Show me variations in race, sexuality, gender, dis/ability, and ethnicity without that difference being a point of contention, and I’ll be thrilled. Call me an idealist, but my goal for each book is to give teenagers an opportunity to point to the page and say, "Finally, there I am."

For adult fiction, I'm interested in contemporary/literary novels/stories that are relevant to culture and focus on themes and issues that impact our daily lives. I love a meaty cast and am drawn in by the fine line between humor and depth (think Liane Moriarty's Nine Perfect Strangers). I would love to hear more from marginalized voices, regardless of whether or not marginalization is a central theme. 

I'd love to bring more nonfiction into this world, especially topic-driven books/essays such as those written by the likes of Mary Roach, Leslie Jamison, Michelle McNamara, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bill Bryson—anything that keeps my curious mind engaged and wanting more. I'm also interested in memoir that will inspire generations to come— H is for Hawk is a personal favorite—and I'm a sucker for humor, so long as it's doing more than just making me laugh—see: Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood.


To query Savannah (for book length manuscripts), submit your query and the first 20 pages of your manuscript via QueryMe.Online/SavannahBrooks. Queries sent by any other medium will not be considered.

Follow her on Twitter: @slbrooks91.
Good luck in judging!
Thank you, again, for participating in the Spring Contest! Keep up the excellent writing. If you are feeling inspired, the Summer 2019 Flash Fiction Contest with guest judge literary agent Kaitlyn Johnson with the Corvisiero Literary Agency is going on right now. The deadline is August 31, 2019. And if you write creative nonfiction, be sure to check out our Q4 Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest with a deadline of July 31st. 
Write on!

Angela & Team WOW!
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Summer 2019 Flash Fiction Contest
Guest Judge: Literary Agent Kaitlyn Johnson
Deadline: August 31, 2019

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