March 3, 2020

At the January Breakfast 'Judicial Candidates Meet and Greet ', COAL emphasized:
  • the importance of the 'down ballot' judicial races,
  • how the judicial system affects every aspect of our lives,
  • the central role judges play in the pursuit of justice for all, and
  • that a judiciary reflecting the diversity of the citizenry is a key component towards realizing this most important of pursuits.
COAL further believes that at a time in which the current president assaults the justice system, is blatantly attacking elected and appointed judges and is stacking the courts with far right ideologues, we must be even more vigilant in electing judges who will courageously honor their oath to ".......  support the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of judge......, according to the best of my ability. ”.”

 Your vote for judges running in the March 17th Presidential Primary Election matters.

Hank Meyer, Chairman and Craig Wimberly , President & Chair of Public Policy
On behalf of the COAL Board of Directors

  "The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us..."  
Let's Get to Work.

Please see 'Is it just History Repeating ' COAL Commentary below;
and the March Breakfast Notice near the end.
State's Attorney Kim Foxx deserves to be re-elected
by Glenn Reedus

People and certain media outlets would have you to believe Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is something other than a solid prosecutor and an advocate for everyday Cook County residents. Mrs. Foxx, up for re-election next month has been hit by a barrage of misguided and inaccurate allegations. Her accusers want you to ignore her stellar record and focus on one case over the last three and one-half years....

Thousands of men and women had their convictions for marijuana possession expunged by Foxx’s office once cannabis became legal in Illinois. It is that kind of thoughtful recognition of people’s lives and future that makes Mrs.Foxx the ideal State’s Attorney....
Illinois Supreme Court Justice
P. Scott Neville, Jr. BIO
 Illinois Supreme Court (Vacancy of Freeman)
Appellate Court Justice Cynthia Cobbs BIO
 Illinois Supreme Court (Vacancy of Freeman)
Appellate Court Justice Nathaniel R. Howse BIO
 Illinois Supreme Court (Vacancy of Freeman)
Is it just history repeating?

There are three African American candidates running for the same Illinois Supreme Court position in the March 17, 2020 Presidential Primary election. What is of note is that of the total of seven candidates running in this race, one of the African American candidates, Supreme Court Justice P. Scott Neville, Jr. already holds that seat. He is a sitting Illinois Supreme Court Justice.

So the question for our community is: have we learned from our history; have we gained the political dexterity not to shoot ourselves in our collective foot….or is this

 J ust a little bit of history repeating ………
The next  
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Saturday, March 7, 2020   
Begins 8:30am / Program 9:30am

Guest Speakers:
Ms. Fanti Bourdeau-Griffin
Mr. Gerald Griffin

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The Coalition of African American Leaders believes that it is important to examine the critical issues confronting the African American community where injustice, inequality and the absence of access and opportunity continue to prevail, thereby negatively impacting us as a people. COAL is an assemblage that advocates and organizes for appropriate and responsible public policy change, system behavior change and equality of opportunity. We aim to achieve for all of our people the fullness of the life experience without any form of racism or exclusion as a deterrent. We believe we must prepare ourselves for the opportunity of this full participation, thereby achieving the necessary education and training to participate.